Why is Belly Fat So Stubborn?

We know how much work you must put in to lose weight. Consistent effort and healthy habits are essential to getting great results, and your daily food choices and exercise routines contribute to fat loss.  If you have worked hard to become close to or at your target weight, you are likely ready to celebrate…
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Interested in a New Look for Mother’s Day? Consider These Procedures

Makeover for mom

Mother’s Day is a special day to reflect on the important title of mom. Whether you’re a hard-working mom yourself or want to pamper your mother on this holiday, aesthetic treatments are the perfect way to treat yourself to a boost of confidence and a youthful glow. Procedures can be as comprehensive as a full…
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Why is PureGraft the Key to Better Fat Grafting Results?

Fat grafting is a surgical procedure that transfers fat from one area of the body to another. By using the fat that comes from your body to re-build soft tissue volume in another area, you can enjoy natural-looking results. There are three general steps to fat grafting: harvesting the fat, processing the fat, and placing…
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