4 Big Benefits of Small Breast Implants

Tastes change, especially trends of beauty and femininity. Just a few decades ago, nearly every breast augmentation patient came to us looking for a significant increase in size. Today, while some women certainly still want (and love) bigger breasts, more and more women come to us hoping for a subtle, natural-looking enhancement. 


The benefits of small breast implants go beyond looks, too. Some of the major advantages of smaller implants might surprise you. Read on to learn more about why so many women are opting for a less dramatic augmentation and how our expert team can help you achieve the bust of your dreams.  


1. Natural-Looking and -Feeling Results for Every Body Type


The breasts serve a pivotal role in a woman’s sense of beauty, sensuality, and femininity. However, not every woman’s physique is necessarily a good fit for significantly larger breasts. In most cases, the idea that “a little goes a long way” is true. Even a small size increase can provide a considerable difference to your bustline. Many of our patients love their smaller implants for the noticeable, but natural, enhancement they offer. 


Breast augmentation isn’t just about volume, either. Projection is just as, if not more, important. Specific implant types work to create a fuller projection by adding volume to both the top and bottom parts of the breasts without the need for as much volume. At Aesthetx, our goal is to have people notice you, not your implants. 


2. Gym-Ready Enhancement


Another major draw to smaller implants is the ability to exercise without worry after your initial recovery period. Large breast implants can be heavy, and cause discomfort or strain to the back and spine during rigorous activities like running. No one wants their breasts to be a hassle when they’re trying to stay fit. It can be both annoying and painful. 


Small breasts present an ideal solution: the feminine curves you want, without any unnecessary weight slowing you down. 


3. Lower Your Risks of Complications


There is also a correlation between smaller breast implants and fewer risks. For trim women, large breast implants can cause thinning of the breast skin or even loss of sensation. Increased implant weight can also cause your breasts to sag faster, or lead to stretch marks. While most of these concerns are easy to address, often with a breast lift, many women choose smaller implants at the get-go, rather than risking revision surgery down the line. 


4. Practicality


Smaller breast implants offer a versatility that can be challenging to match compared to larger devices. If you love showing off your cleavage now, that’s wonderful, and we believe in our clients’ right to fully enjoy their new breasts. But, as many women reach the later stages of life, or begin to climb the corporate ladder, having the option to present a more conservative image can be a significant benefit. 


Smaller implants allow you to dress fashionably, without worrying about people judging your “scandalous” implants.


When it comes to choosing your breast implants, it’s critical to think about the long term. At Aesthetx, we’re here to help guide you through every step of the process and ensure you choose an implant size and type you’ll love.

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