Private Surgical Suite

Aesthetx prides itself in providing impeccable results and a great patient experience, but more than anything we’re proud to offer a safe, welcoming environment for our patients through the Aesthetx Surgery Center. To meet the high level of care and safety we wanted for our patients, we built the Aesthetx Surgery Center, an outstanding, fully-accredited private surgery suite used exclusively for our plastic surgery procedures.

Peace of Mind

The Aesthetx Surgery Center provides the comforting, relaxing environment and privacy every patient needs. Not only is the Surgery Center exclusively for Aesthetx patients and Aesthetx patients only, but the floor plan was built specifically to provide privacy and personalized care for our patients. That means every patient will get to have the space they need to recover in a private way. At any point, there is always only one patient in the surgery suite at a time, so that we can provide them with our undivided attention.

We have a wonderful team, starting with Dr. Zeidler and her favorite board-certified anesthesiologists, along with a highly train group of certified operating room technicians, and registered nurses who are specialized in plastic surgery treatment and care.


To uphold her passion for innovation, Dr. Zeidler has equipped the private surgery suite with the latest technology and devices. The surgery suite is currently furnished with Stryker Medical Equipment, and a remarkable system that allows for voice activation of surgical equipment like lights and endoscopic cameras. With automation of certain processes, the surgeon can perform certain procedures with ease so they can fully focus on your procedure.


As a fully-accredited surgical suite, the Aesthetx Surgery Center upholds safety standards at the hospital level. To be accredited, we put our surgical suite up to the stringent inspection of an independent organization, the American Association of Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgical Facilities (AAAASF), a nationally recognized organization providing accreditation for surgical centers. That means every staff member, piece of equipment, procedure, machinery, and so much more have met incredibly high levels of safety standards.

The building materials in the suite, from smooth tiled surfaces, wainscoting, and rubber flooring in the operating room, were installed specifically to allow for extensive cleaning and safe usage. In addition, we also use the Steris System to clean all instruments before they’re sterilized with steam. Aesthetx has taken every precaution to make our private surgical suite the epitome of cutting-edge, safety, and comfort.

Welcome to Aesthetx: You. Only Better.

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