Dr. Berkowitz Recently Attended the Annual Rhinoplasty Meeting in NYC

The team at Aesthetx is committed to staying at the forefront of plastic surgery and dermatology, which is why they frequently attend the leading medical conferences around the country. Recently, Dr. Berkowitz participated at the 23rd Annual Rhinoplasty Meeting, which was held in New York City from April 25 through April 27, 2018.

Dr. Berkowitz had the pleasure of serving on a discussion panel, demonstrating the use of specialized rhinoplasty tools and more. To learn more about what Dr. Berkowitz was up to, check out this recap of his recent trip.

What is the Annual Rhinoplasty Meeting?

The Annual Rhinoplasty Meeting is a yearly event organized by the Rhinoplasty Society. The Rhinoplasty Society is an exclusive group that brings together world-class surgeons on an invitation-only basis. Members are chosen for their dedication to the advancement of cosmetic and reconstructive nose surgery, and for their demonstrated excellence in the field. Every year, the Rhinoplasty Society holds their Annual Meeting to provide educational offerings such as lectures, discussion panels, and live surgical demonstrations.

Here’s What Dr. Berkowitz Was Up To!

On Thursday, April 26, Dr. Berkowitz was part of an exciting discussion panel, where he and some of the world’s top surgeons and researchers discussed new ways of improving the quality of rhinoplasty results. There were several hundred people in attendance, including leading plastic surgeons and residents in training.

On Friday, April 27, Dr. Berkowitz presented a lecture on the benefits of using the Piezotome device for rhinoplasty, rather than relying on the rather primitive tools that have been traditionally used. This year, Dr. Berkowitz was delighted to see much more audience members who have already been using Piezoelectric tools in their practice.

This is a direct result of the hard work that he and Dr. Olivier Gerbault have been doing around the world in educating other medical professionals about the incredible advantage these tools provide. Afterward, Dr. Berkowitz demonstrated how to use Piezotome tools with Dr. Gerbault in the rhinoplasty cadaver lab to a group of plastic surgeons who were looking to hone their skills.

Later that afternoon, Dr. Berkowitz presented a lecture on Recros, which is an exciting new device that he and the rest of the team at Aesthetx have been investigating. This device may eventually be an option for patients who want to reduce loose skin in the double chin area, but who aren’t candidates for traditional facial rejuvenation procedures.

Dr. Berkowitz wrapped up the trip on Saturday by attending the aesthetic meeting exhibits, where hundreds of vendors displayed and demonstrated some of the most cutting-edge products in the field, many of which are already in use at Aesthetx.

This year’s event was a total success, and Dr. Berkowitz looks forward to attending next year’s meeting to uphold Aesthetx’s dedication to staying at the forefront of rhinoplasty and plastic surgery.


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