Berkowitz Becomes of One First US Surgeons to Offer State-of-the-Art Comeg Ultrasonic Tools

Aesthetx has always prided itself on building plastic surgery on a foundation of innovation. Through state-of-the-art technology, advanced techniques, or their novel approach to plastic surgery, Aesthetx aims to improve the patient experience and, more importantly, create exquisite results. That’s why we’re proud to announce that Dr. Berkowitz will be bringing an incredible new technology to our practice: Comeg Ultrasonic Tips for Piezo Power Tools. Best of all—he’ll be one of the very first surgeons in the US to do so. With this new development, Aesthetx once again solidifies their position in the vanguard of plastic surgery.

A Giant in the World of Rhinoplasty

Aesthetx is now proud to offer Comeg Medical’s new ultrasonic tips for Piezo power tools—the very first of its kind. These ultrasonic tips are designed to increase a surgeon’s control and precision during rhinoplasty. While traditional nose surgery techniques used hammers and chisels to break bones, Piezo power tools with ultrasonic energy can intricately shape the structures of the nose without harming the nearby tissues, resulting in a faster, more comfortable healing process for the patient.

Dr. Berkowitz was already renowned for using Piezo Power Tools for rhinoplasty, but by incorporating the ultrasonic tips, he takes nose surgery to another level of precision.

A History of Innovation

Before Dr. Berkowitz had the insight to use them for rhinoplasty procedures, Piezo power tools were only used for neurosurgery and orthopedic surgery. In fact, Dr. Berkowitz was the first to introduce them to the Rhinoplasty Society, the largest organization for rhinoplasty-oriented surgeons where he’s also a board member. He then spent the next few years helping developing and popularizing the use of Piezo power tools for nose surgery and working with visionaries like Dr. Olivier Gerbault to further refine his technique.


In the years since, Dr. Berkowitz has taught fellow surgeons about the benefits of Piezo power tools in countless national symposiums such as the Rhinoplasty Symposium and ASAPS meetings and written a textbook on his rhinoplasty technique (featuring a different instrument).

At the heart of any aesthetic surgical procedure is innovation; the field of plastic surgery itself is an incredible advancement in the history of medicine. With Dr. Berkowitz’s adoption of ultrasonic tips, we take plastic surgery one step further into the future. To learn more about Aesthetx’s leading edge procedures, contact us for a consultation.

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