Buttock Implant

Aging, genetics, and even weight loss can lead to a flat, unappealing derrier. Everything from pop culture to fashion proves that a voluptuous figure is en vogue at the moment; unfortunately, round, perky buttocks can often be unattainable through endless exercise or diet. For women seeking a curvier figure, buttocks implants can finally add volume and projection. Buttock implants are also perfect for patients who don’t have sufficient fat to donate for a fat transfer procedure. Because of its strength and the natural look it imparts in the buttocks, buttocks implants are typically made out of silicone gel. These implants are much stronger than breast implants, and the risk of leaking is low.

Buttock Implant Topics

Buttocks Implants

The implants are inserted through an incision made between the buttocks. There are two types of procedures, intramuscular augmentation and subfascial augmentation. With intramuscular augmentation, your implant will be placed inside the gluteus maximus muscle, which makes the implants look and move naturally. With subfascial augmentation, the implant will be placed under the fascia, which is the membrane that covers the top layer of the gluteus maximus muscle. You can discuss with your Aesthetx surgeon which procedure you want—depending on your specific anatomy and your aesthetic goals, each technique can create different results. For instance, placement in the intramuscular region means a limited size of implants and fullness on the top of the buttocks, while placement in the subfascial region will lead to buttocks implants that are fuller on the bottom.

Recovery from Buttocks Implants

You and your Aesthetx surgeon will work together to make a plan for your recovery, although a typical recovery involves two weeks off from school or work, and a couple of weeks abstaining from strenuous activity, sitting down, or sleeping on your back. The procedure will be performed under general anesthesia, however you should be able to go home the same day as your procedure for the buttocks implants.

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