Dallas Rhinoplasty Meeting Recap: Check Out what Dr. Berkowitz Was Up To!


Dr. Berkowitz attended the 2018 Dallas Rhinoplasty Meeting, which was recently held in March. Since its inception, this annual event has helped over 10,000 plastic surgeons learn more about the art and science of rhinoplasty.

This year, Dr. Berkowitz was able to sit in on lectures and teach groups of attendees through live surgery at a cadaver lab. Read on to learn more about the Dallas Rhinoplasty Meeting, and to check out the highlights of this year’s event.

About the Dallas Rhinoplasty Meeting

The Dallas Rhinoplasty Meeting is an annual event that brings together world-class plastic surgeons from all over the world. The symposium initially started over 20 years ago and was led by Dr. Jack Gunter, who was Dr. Berkowitz’s junior resident when he was at the University of Michigan in the 1970s.

This year’s symposium was organized by Dr. Rod Rohrich, who was Dr. Gunter’s intern at the University of Michigan years ago. Dr. Rohrich honored the legacy of the late Dr. Jack Gunter by dedicating this year’s symposium to him.

Highlights of This Year’s Event

Around 400 plastic surgeons and facial plastic surgeons from around the world came to this year’s event. Dr. Berkowitz and other guests were able to sit in on a series of lectures that help promote safe and reproducible results in rhinoplasty. Attendees also had the opportunity to get invaluable hands-on experience in the largest cadaver lab ever. 

During the live surgery held at the cadaver lab, Dr. Berkowitz helped Dr. Rohrich teach the ultrasonic rhinoplasty technique to groups of attendees. This technique represents some of the latest advancements in the field. It allows surgeons to deliver precise adjustments to the nose with far less bleeding and bruising, and with a quicker recovery period.

Dr. Berkowitz was invited to join Dr. Rohrich again in 2019, and they will also be working together in the cadaver lab at the symposium for the Rhinoplasty Society and the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons in New York City.

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