Dr. Amelia Hausauer’s Conference in Monaco

Where in the world is Dr. Amelia Hausauer? It has been a whirlwind spring for our Director of Dermatology who shared her expertise in the world of minimally invasive aesthetics as a speaker in Monaco at the World Congress of Aging and Aesthetic Medicine; New Orleans for the American Academy of Dermatology Annual meeting; and at the 4th annual Global Aesthetic Alliance/SEASONS Aesthetic Conference meetings at King’s College in London, England and George Washington University in DC.

“Part of my responsibility as a physician is to ensure that we are thinking critically but innovatively. Conversations on a national and international stage allow me to share my techniques, my research and teach colleagues from around the world as well as bring back to Aesthetx the most forward-thinking options.”

You may know Monaco as a small country of just under 1 square mile, home to a royal family (American actress Grace Kelly famously married their late king) and some of the most luxurious cars and boats, but it is also the location of one of the most recognized annual conferences in aesthetic and anti-aging medicine including dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and aesthetic providers. Over 15,000 attendees descended on the South of France where Dr. H gave four lectures highlighting her perspectives on the evolving science behind nonsurgical finessements.

Day 1 started with a headline talk on botulinum toxin (i.e. BOTOX®, Dysport, DAXXIFY, Xeomin®, Jeaveau) where she shared the stage with physicians from Brazil, Germany, Italy, and South Korea. She shared ongoing research analyzing 20 years of FDA data for these medications and how published research does and does not apply to the changing patient populations seen in practice. “What occurs during a clinical trial is very controlled and narrow. It doesn’t always reflect what happens in real life, There is a lot of room for increased diversity of all types in studies, so my goal is to help providers learn from this data to better design customized treatment plans that allow for more evolved and sophisticated results,” says Dr. H. Changing gears, Dr. H spoke on current and future procedures and techniques as part of the 4-hour educational track on regenerative medicine where she was recognized as “one of the top three most experienced US doctors for platelet rich plasma (PRP)” for aesthetic and hair growth needs. These sessions are always a highlight because they focus on where the field is going.

This theme continued on day 2, which involved filming for the Aesthetic Multispecialty Society then meetings with industry leaders and biotechnology start-ups to discuss next generation injectable and regenerative treatments. Dr. H states “I was a ballet dancer so have always been fascinated with and beyond excited for all the options we will soon have to better tap into the body’s ability to heal and renew its own tissue. We have phenomenal therapies that can achieve so much, but we are at the cusp of being able to unlock an entirely new potential, a reframing of how we approach holistic aging and ideas of wellness.”

Day 3 rounded out Dr. Hausauer’s European tour with a talk about understanding the unknowns of hyaluronic acid fillers and how long they really last, a complicated and evolving topic that gets into the nuances of patient centered care and how to customize treatment plans appropriately.

Research and education to advance the aesthetic industry is a cornerstone of Dr. H’s practice of medicine. She has become an innovator and author in the world of fillers, neurotoxins, PRP, and micro needling. Dr. H has spearheaded several research trials on these subjects, including being the principal investigator for a study examining PRP in the treatment of male and female pattern hair loss.  She lectures routinely and teaches hands-on injection sessions, training other healthcare providers on the intricacies of these treatments. 

And while Dr. H continues to teach and travel near and far, she is committed to her patients and the Silicon Valley community…. stay tuned for more exciting news on this very soon.

To see more about this and her other lecturing adventures, follow Dr. Hausauer (@drhausauer) and Aesthetx (@aesthetxmd) on Instagram!

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