Dr. Hausauer Refining the Field of Aesthetic Medicine

You may be accustomed to seeing Dr. Hausauer in heels treating patients with her signature finessement technique to achieve precision harmonizing of features through injectables and integrated treatment plans.

You may be accustomed to seeing Dr. Hausauer on Instagram sharing educational pearls, thoughts on how her professional dance background informs her philosophy on nuance-based beauty, or her power outfit of the day.

 But what else has this member of the Aesthetx team been up to? A lot.

Dr. Hausauer doesn’t always discuss her active research, development and consulting life. But it’s another way she stretches and flexes her expertise – all in the pursuit of refining the field of aesthetic medicine. In early fall, she was elected to the editorial board for the Dermatologic Surgery journal, evaluating the newest innovations and publications in our field. Shortly thereafter she was appointed chair of the Patient Education work group for the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS), the largest professional group of procedural dermatologists in the US, as well as members of the Development and Industry Relations and Research work groups. This comes as Dr. Hausauer leaves her post as chair of Member Education group, where she put together several curriculums focusing on the business of aesthetics, hands-on master injectable training, and more.

The extension of her work life doesn’t stop there. Speaking and publishing have been hot this year as well. With several textbook chapters in press on state of the art fillers and combination therapies with neuromodulators (i.e. BOTOX®, Dysport, Xeomin®, and Jeuveau). Dr. Hausauer isn’t just penning such work. She is performing… speaking on her experience and knowledge at nationally and aboard. A lecture on “Year in review: neuromodulators, platelet rich plasma (PRP)” was a major success at this years annual ASDS meeting. She now prepares for World Congress of International Masters in Aesthetic and Aging Medicine, held in Paris each January and last year drawing over 12,000 attendees despite COVID.

Her latest work will be presented in the Contributing Lectures on Injectables – a session that draws thought leaders from around the world – as a preview of a two-part series on where are we now and where do we need to be with fillers and neuromodulators in the modern era. The scene is set, stage ready for yet another year of activity in and out of the office.

Bravo Dr. Hausauer. Encore.

Aesthetx 3:21 pm