Dr. Kamakshi Zeidler and Juan Jose Chacon-Quiros, CEO of Establishment Labs, Spoke at Octane Aesthetic Tech Summit on Femtech and Plastic Surgery

Dr. Kamakshi Zeidler, board-certified plastic surgeon and founder of Aesthetx, Silicon Valley’s premier fully integrated plastic surgery and dermatology practice, brought the world of plastic surgery into the future by focusing on women’s health. She spoke with Juan Jose Chacón-Quiró, the CEO of Establishment Labs, on the role of Femtech in Plastic Surgery at the Octane Aesthetic Tech Summit earlier this February.

“Establishment Labs is at the vanguard of a new paradigm in aesthetics defined by the intersection of Plastic Surgery and Femtech,” said Dr. Zeidler. “Bringing to market meaningful innovation and having women take control of that technology; this new dynamic is critical to the future of our industry.”

Dr. Zeidler and Mr. Chacón-Quirós, the CEO of Establishment Labs, discussed Femtech and Plastic Surgery at the Octane Aesthetics Tech Summit. The summit brought together aesthetic industry leaders from around the world to Newport Beach for two days of discussion on the ideas and innovations defining the future of not only plastic surgery but the entire aesthetic medicine landscape, which is experiencing tremendous growth. Dr. Zeidler is a board member of Octane OC, Southern California’s convening organization that connects capital, resources, and people to fuel the medical technology business ecosystem and has served as the emcee for the past four years of the event, one of many signature events hosted by Octane OC.

“Historically, women’s health has focused on reproductive health,” said Mr. Chacón-Quirós. “We’ve started a revolution in aesthetics by focusing on women’s unmet needs and bringing Femtech into the conversation. By healing the fractured relationship that women have with the legacy implant industry, we can move to an era where we normalize views on breast aesthetics and open up this category to an entirely new segment of women.”

Establishment Labs was founded by Mr. Chacón-Quirós in 2010 with the purpose of ‘putting women first: in health and well-being, in science and technology, and in our communities.’ In keeping with that purpose, the company has brought a number of major advances to the breast aesthetics and reconstruction market over the past decade, including RFID-enabled implants with microtransponders that can communicate important information about the device. Dr. Zeidler was most excited about the future implications of this new sensor technology, stating that “the future applications of what Establishment Labs has created will transcend aesthetic medicine: don’t think breast implant, think iPhone.” The company has manufactured and distributed over 2.5 million Motiva Implants, and the company’s devices are available in over 85 countries around the world. Establishment Labs was listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange under ticker ESTA. Motiva Implants are not yet commercially available in the US and are undergoing clinical investigation for commercial approval pursuant to US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations for investigational medical devices.

Dr. Kamakshi R. Zeidler, board-certified plastic surgeon, is the founder and managing partner of Aesthetx, the premier fully integrated plastic surgery and dermatology practice in Silicon Valley, California. As a thought leader and visionary in aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery, her exquisite plastic surgery outcomes have earned her renown worldwide, A leading authority and principal investigator for clinical trials, Dr. Zeidler collaborated with companies to bring new technologies and innovative products to the field. With a passion for partnering with leading businesses in the aesthetic space, her role as an author and strategic medical advisor has been paramount in developing new state-of-the-art products for aesthetic and reconstructive surgery.

In this capacity, she has recently joined the board of directors for Southern California’s Octane OC after having been a senior aesthetic advisor for their LaunchPad startup accelerator for many years and continues in her role as emcee for their annual Aesthetic Tech Forum. She has authored numerous publications on novel technologies, procedures, and safety for aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. Her publication, “The Safety of Textured and Smooth Silicone Implants,” was selected as the Aesthetic Surgery Journal’s best publication in 2018. An advocate for the Silicon Valley, Dr. Zeidler served on Cancer CAREpoint’s board of directors for many years. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree with honors from Rice University and a Doctorate of Medicine at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) School of Medicine, where she was inducted into the prestigious Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society. Dr. Zeidler completed her plastic surgery residency and postdoctoral research fellowship at UCSF and an advanced microsurgical fellowship at Stanford University Medical Center.

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