Essential Skincare for the Holiday Season

Seasonal skin issues trouble men and women alike. During the holidays, when you want to look your best for parties and photos, dark circles under your eyes, dull skin, and acne blemishes might limit your “glow.”

The good news is, Aesthetx carries skincare solutions to hydrate, revive, and restore complexion health in time to be camera-ready for your events.

Our medical experts will analyze your skin type, lifestyle, and diet, then recommend your best options to prevent signs of aging, dehydration, blemishes, and more.

We also provide top-of-the-line treatments to undo some of that skin stress that 2020 left in its wake. It’s time to restore vibrant, youthful-looking skin again for a radiant holiday and New Year.

Here are our top cosmetic treatments and tips to consider for your personalized beauty plan.

Revitalizing Skin Treatments

Aside from transformative surgical procedures, Aesthetx offers non-surgical treatments for every age, skin tone, and type.

VI Peel

This is the next generation of anti-aging peel for any complexion. Comfortable, gentle yet powerful, VI Peels go to work on sun damage acquired over the year.

For the face, décolletage, and hands (areas where your skin has been exposed the most), turn back the clock on UV cell damage, fine lines, and wrinkles.

The VI Peel is also a fabulous purifier to clear acne bacteria and minimize the look of enlarged, clogged pores and acne scars. After just one week, you can expect to see the difference.

Luxurious Silk Peel

Removing months’ worth of dull cell build-up and impurities starts with gentle exfoliation using microdermabrasion equipment.

The Silk Peel doesn’t require anesthetic or downtime, so it’s a perfect complexion reviver before a special occasion or event. This treatment uses specially formulated serums customized just for you- whether anti-aging, acne, or deep hydration is your focus.

Obagi Skincare System

Obagi medical skincare products are the number 1 prescribed system by aesthetic practitioners. Formulated to minimize the look of skin aging, acne, sun damage including hyperpigmentation, and dullness, Obagi can be personalized for you after an assessment with our beauty experts.

Taking good care of your complexion at home can target years of damage and help build back the supple, even-toned glow you want. Start now and see brighter skin that reflects your inner joy this season.

Skin Care Tips for A Healthy Holiday Glow

Are you wondering if there’s anything you can do at home to bring a smooth lustre back to your complexion? There is!

Dark circles, dullness and even sagging skin can be improved with plenty of hydration. In colder weather when indoor heating is used, our skin tends to dry out faster. Add to that the increased consumption of dehydrating beverages and hot water on the skin, and you might find yourself dryer than usual.

Moisture that plumps skin cells from deep within starts with drinking plenty of water daily.

Avoid washing your face with hot water, apply a moisturizer day and night, skip alcoholic beverages, and hydrate!

Start Planning for Brighter Holiday Skin, Now!

The healthier-looking your skin is now, the better it will appear throughout the Winter season. We recommend a personalized consultation at Aesthetx to learn more about your specific skin needs and the variety of options to revitalize your appearance.

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