Fact or Fiction: BOTOX® Myths

BOTOX® is the number one anti-aging treatment in the world. With over 7 million Americans benefiting from this groundbreaking procedure every year, its no surprise that there’s a lot of false information floating around about exactly what BOTOX® is, how it works, and what it treats.

We’ve compiled five of the most common BOTOX® myths and the truth behind these common misconceptions.

1. Getting BOTOX® Hurts

BOTOX® requires an incredibly small cannula, and injections at worst feel like a slight pinch. Most of our patients say they hardly feel anything at all. What’s more, for anyone worried about discomfort, we can apply a topical anesthetic to ensure your comfort.

Anesthesia is by no means necessary, and our expert technicians are skilled at completing all botox injections as quickly and painlessly as possible.

2. BOTOX® is Toxic

It would require a dose over 100 times stronger than what is used for treating fine lines and wrinkles to cause BOTOX® to be toxic. In fact, BOTOX® is FDA approved for a wide variety of medical uses and has a history of more than 20 years of established safety and efficiency.

Though it is a “neurotoxin,” BOTOX® is by no means “toxic.” To learn more about how BOTOX® works,  click here.

3. BOTOX® Will Freeze My Face!

Plastic surgery is more commonplace than ever before, but still, some holdovers from decades past remain. Many people (who have not met with a doctor) may think BOTOX® can cause a “frozen face,” restricting your ability to make expressions or emote.

This is simply untrue; BOTOX® actually relaxes the muscles at the site of injection. When working with a skilled technician, you’ll maintain a full range of facial motion while reducing the visible appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

4. BOTOX® Only Works to Reduce Wrinkles and Frown Lines

You might be surprised to learn that BOTOX® wasn’t originally designed to treat wrinkles. Initially, it was used in treatments of strabismus, an issue with eye muscles. Over time, this groundbreaking product was found to be incredibly useful in helping treat a variety of issues.

Some popular applications of BOTOX® today include reducing neck and back pain, treating migraines, TMJ, hyperhidrosis, and many other medical concerns.

5. Stopping BOTOX® Treatments Makes Wrinkles Worse

BOTOX®, or stopping treatment, does not cause wrinkle formation to accelerate. Rather, if you choose to stop receiving BOTOX®, your facial muscles and wrinkles will slowly and naturally return to how they were prior to your initial BOTOX® treatment.

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