Fillers and Vaccines

There has been much discussion about potential side effects of the new coronavirus vaccines. The Wall Street Journal recently covered this regarding boosters (by the way, there has been NO reported problems or risks with vaccines and neuromodulators like BOTOX® even if done on the same day).

What initially received a lot of coverage: facial swelling in three trial participants with cosmetic filler after receiving the Moderna vaccination, were all resolved without serious harm to the patients. These reactions have remained rare.

Take away points:

1. This is rare but a very well known phenomenon. It’s been seen with other vaccines and is not unique! It can also happen with the flu, most infections, dental work, or totally spontaneously. Not new.

2. The risk of reaction is very small. Only 3 of the 15,184 vaccinated participants experienced swelling (that’s 0.019%). How many of the other 29,997 people enrolled in the study also had filler?



3. The vaccine isn’t the confirmed cause. This is just an observation. Many things can happen between these points in time that might contribute.

4. Reactions were mild, and board certified dermatologists and plastic surgeons are well trained to manage them…never fear!

5. Don’t let filler scare you away from the vaccine! It’s critically important. And don’t let the vaccine scare you away from filler! Get boosted and still look your best. We generally recommend spacing the two appointments by two weeks as a buffer.


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