How Glacial Rx Age Spot Treatment Works

Do you need an age spot removal solution that delivers proven results? Do you require the power of laser treatment without the associated side effects? Do you want bright and glowing skin while staying away from highly invasive procedures?

If you feel enthusiastic about finding a positive answer to any of these questions, Glacial Rx™ is the ideal treatment option for you.

Harnessing the power of Cryomodulation™, Glacial Rx™ is an age spot treatment that uses patented cooling technology to reduce spots, brighten skin, and radiate a healthy glow. The procedure doesn’t require cuts, lasers, or surgery. Instead, it is delivered as a surface-level treatment that still improves your skin from within.

The FDA-cleared treatment holds the ability to reduce inflammation and decrease redness while accelerating exfoliation. As a result, you are able to enjoy healthier, clearer, and brighter skin in a little as a month of receiving the treatment.

Since Glacial Rx™ is a renowned yet innovative treatment method, learning about its results may immediately evoke a feeling of excitement as well as a sense of curiosity in you. To help you get answers to your questions, the team at Aesthetx has provided the following overview to shed light on the treatment’s execution, performance, and results.

How Does Glacial Rx™ Work With Cryomodulation™?

Glacial Rx™ uses a patented freeze technology called Cryomodulation™ to suppress the production and deposition of melanin in skin cells. Since melanin is the leading cause of age-related dark spots, impeding its progress helps in reducing such blemishes and benign lesions from your skin.

The process is designed to work on any part of the body, which enhances its effectiveness in battling the effects of aging.

Suppressing Melanin

With targeted ice nucleation to melanocytes (the bottom layer of skin cells that produce melanin), the patented cooling technology reduces melanin production. It also hinders the deposition of melanin to upper skin cells called keratinocytes.

Accelerating Exfoliation

Upper or epidermal skin cells with visible melanin deposition can cause age spots, blemishes, and benign lesions. The Glacial Rx™ cold stress process accelerates the exfoliation of these cells. This causes new, fresh skin cells to appear in their place.

Brightening Skin

With fresh epidermal skin cells appearing with lesser deposition of melanin, your age spots start to disappear in as little as a month. The process also reduces edema and redness that could appear due to age-related or procedure-related factors. As a result, your skin appears brighter and younger without intensive surgical procedures.

What Does the Procedure Entail?

Staying true to its promise of delivering the results of lasers with the comfort of a facial, the Glacial Rx™ treatment with Cryomodulation™ uses a non-/minimally invasive process to offer effective results.

Preparation. The first step only calls for cleansed skin, which ensures that you don’t have to go through extensive preparatory procedures.

Application. A trained healthcare professional uses the Glacial Rx™ system to apply cold to the treatment site. The cold plate is only applied to specified spots for 15-20 seconds.

Execution. As the cold plates move over your skin, they instantly encourage your skin to feel calmer. This reduces redness and swelling and allows your skin to absorb topical ingredients for the treatment.

Protection. Once your treatment method is complete, which takes around 45 minutes, protective serums are applied over your skin. You don’t have to do anything out of the ordinary, but you can see results in as little as a month.

Ready to See What Glacial Rx™ Can Do for You?

Our experienced healthcare professionals offer the Glacial Rx™ treatment under highly controlled and safe settings. From answering your initial questions to taking care of your needs during the treatment, our helpful team stays right by your side to help you attain clear, radiant, and smooth skin.

To see if Glacial Rx™ is right for you, don’t hesitate to contact us for an appointment today. We will be glad to hold a detailed consultation to find the perfect treatment method for your requirements.

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