How to Get Your Prettiest Pout in Time for Valentine’s Day

Now that the Christmas bustle is over, it’s time to think about yourself. There’s another holiday on the horizon, and this one is about romance. A nice dinner, perhaps some chocolate or a card is something to expect from that special someone in your life. But how can you prepare? How about plumping up that pout to sexy status, giving yourself lips that could compete with Angela Jolie?

There are some ridiculous tricks you could use to make your lips swell. Sucking through a glass bottle is one of them, but who wants bruised lips when intimacy is your plan? Perhaps you should take a page from the celebrity beauty book, and get beautiful results that will last longer.

Erasing Wrinkles and Lines

Your face is the first place age hits, when unsightly lines, wrinkles, and folds emerge from brow to chin. When they begin to appear, it’s best to treat them immediately. With that said, we offer a wide range of anti-aging treatments that can keep you looking young and radiant. But today, we will focus on the lips to give you that sex appeal that you want for your special Valentine.

Wrinkles around the mouth also called “smokers lines,” can happen even if you don’t smoke, and they can detract from your lips. Fortunately, we offer a number of injectable options that can treat these lines, smoothing your mouth to make it simply irresistible.

Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

Lip enhancement is not what you would call a new idea. Sensual, luscious lips have been a highly desirable attribute of femininity and a key component of beauty for ages. Today, quick and convenient treatment with an appropriate dermal filler will add volume and enhance shape to create alluring lips.

Unlike traditional methods, which come and go, hyaluronic acid dermal fillers injected into the lip area are a more comfortable, non-surgical process of cosmetic intervention. These lip fillers are precisely injected to sculpt beautiful lips, and you can adjust volume and change the shape until you’re delighted with the results. Once you’ve achieved the pout you’re after, you’ll just need to go in for a quick touch up a couple of times per year to maintain your look.

How to Get Started

Maintaining beauty can be crucial to feeling great about yourself, and seeking aesthetic improvement can give you the boost you need to feel sexy and alluring. We can help you get the lips you’ve been dreaming of having. At Aesthetix, we have board-certified surgeons, a cosmetic dermatologist, and healthcare professionals on our staff to help you reach your aesthetic goals. We strive to make your experience a pleasant one, with safe, effective results that will make you feel beautiful.

If you are considering to eliminate those vertical lines around your mouth or enhance your lip volume without surgery, call (408) 559-7177, or contact us at Aesthetix today, to schedule a consultation.

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