How to Maintain Injectable Results Over Time

If you’ve enhanced your features with facial fillers or wrinkle injections in the past and experienced fading results, you likely have a strong motivation to return for touch-up treatments. When you partner with our expert team, you can retain your beautiful results.

Here are some top tips for getting longevity from your injectable treatments.

HA (Hyaluronic Acid) Dermal Fillers and Your Muscle Movement

We won’t suggest overdoing it and become expressionless for the next few months, hoping to prolong filler results. However, it’s useful to know what factors contribute to breaking down hyaluronic acid fillers faster, and dynamic facial movement is one of those factors.

The facial location you have treated will likely affect how long you enjoy the results. While everyone metabolizes fillers differently and some products last longer than others, hyaluronic acid tends to break down faster in more mobile areas of your face.

For instance, you’re always using your mouth to talk, eat, drink, smile, and frown. That’s why lip fillers don’t usually last the way under eye or cheek fillers do.

Likewise, neuromodulators such as BOTOX® will last longer in areas such as the jaw muscles or neck bands because treating these spots requires using larger doses, and less movement occurs there. However, your forehead and frown lines might need a top-up sooner.

You can’t stop smiling – nor should you! However, you can consider treating areas like your mouth as a priority if you book an appointment.

Don’t Put Pressure on Your Face

HA fillers consist of naturally hydrophilic molecules that eventually reabsorbed into your system. In a laboratory, manufacturers formulate the HA solution with molecular crosslinking that essentially acts like little chains and bonds, holding liquid together as a gel. Cohesive HA gel can move and flex while staying together for a set time. If you put unnecessary, consistent pressure on treated facial areas, you may find the gel’s cohesivity breaks down faster.

High-pressure facials, sleeping on one side of your face, or even wearing heavy glasses can displace or dissipate filler results faster.

Stay Healthy Inside and Out

Artfully applied cosmetic injectable treatments highlight your best features and soften signs of aging. They’re powerful tools in your aesthetic toolbox, but they’re not the only non-surgical miracle workers for soft, youthful skin. To maintain a supple, smooth complexion and ward off wrinkles, there are DIY ways to act daily.

  1. Eat natural fats, protein, and fresh fruit and veggies to get all your necessary vitamins. Some minerals, like zinc, might prolong your BOTOX® effects. Vitamin C and other antioxidants help ward off fine lines and skin damage. Rebuilding and repairing a strong dermis requires adequate protein and collagen.
  2. Drink plenty of water! HA is hydrophilic – a water-loving molecule that draws moisture into itself. When you’re well-hydrated, your skin will stay moisturized from the inside out and your filler treatment areas will stay plump, too.
  3. Stock up on medical-grade skin care to prevent and protect. Try to spend your off days makeup-free and dedicate yourself to gentle exfoliation, skin brightening, and deep hydration treatments.

Protect your skin from UV rays and take a little extra time to care for your complexion, we suggest our great selection of sunscreens. Your injectable results will be beautifully framed on a foundation of healthy skin.

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