Men: Facelifts Can Lead to Greater Success

Traditionally, women have made up the majority of patients seeking plastic surgery procedures like facelifts. However, more and more men are now discovering the benefits of cosmetic surgery. The truth is, looks are just as important to men as they are to women. But when it comes to cosmetic procedures, the approach is slightly different in order to maintain an ideal masculine aesthetic.

While a facelift offers a number of cosmetic benefits for men, you might be surprised to find that this procedure may produce improvements in other areas of your life. Want to learn more? Then read on to discover the many ways that a facelift can help bring success to a man’s life.

Benefits of a Facelift for Men

  • Career: Society as a whole values fitness, health, and youth. And in many professions, this very idea is reflected by the importance of having to keep pace with younger colleagues. Even if you feel young, cosmetic imperfections like sagging facial skin and deep folds or creases can cause an aged appearance, putting you at risk of “aging out” of important networking groups and other social circles. Men can take advantage of a facelift to correct these issues and regain a youthful, professional appearance. While a successful career is obtained through dedication and hard work, “looking the part” is sometimes just as important, especially when maintaining your hard-earned status. Many facelift patients report a significant boost in confidence, which better positions them to thrive in competitive professional environments where image matters.
  • Personal Life: Men who suffer from cosmetic concerns associated with age often feel held back by their insecurities. After all, if you don’t feel good about your appearance, you probably won’t feel comfortable putting yourself out there and socializing. That’s why a facelift for men can be so beneficial. By correcting the major signs of age on the face, this procedure can essentially turn back time, allowing your appearance to reflect how you truly feel on the inside. This confidence will make it easy to return to the social scene without having to worry about your appearance.
  • Romantic Life: In addition to a dwindling social life, men with moderate-to-severe facial aging may put romance on hold. Some men aren’t necessarily bothered by wrinkles, but rather, by the loss of definition their face once had. Over time, the skin loosens and becomes saggy in some areas. As a result, definition along the jawbone, chin, and cheeks can decrease. A facelift can restore a more masculine definition to your face, while still allowing you to look like yourself and feel confident enough to date again.

If you’ve been considering a men’s facelift, this cosmetic procedure might be exactly what you need to feel more comfortable with your appearance.  Contact Aesthetx at (408) 559-7177 to schedule a consultation, where all of your questions and concerns about facelifts for men can be answered.



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