Brella™ for Excessive Underarm Sweating at Aesthetx in Campbell, CA

Say Goodbye to Excessive Underarm Sweating with Brella™

Brella™ offers an innovative, in-office sweat control treatment that revolutionizes your life in just three minutes. Regain confidence and comfort with results lasting three to four months and longer in some patients*.

Why Choose Brella™ at Aesthetx?

  • The first-and-only FDA-cleared 3-Minute SweatControl Patch treatment to significantly reduce excessive underarm sweating and significantly improve quality of life in adults with primary axillary hyperhidrosis.
  • A new, in-office approach to sweat control that is safe, quick, and comfortable for people frustrated, annoyed, or inconvenienced by excessive underarm sweating.
  • A non-invasive, needle-free, aluminum-free, and affordable treatment with results lasting three to four months, and longer in some patients*
  • A 3-Minute SweatControl Patch using Candesant’s patented targeted alkali thermolysis (TAT) technology to precisely target your overactive sweat glands and significantly reduce sweat production.

What to Expect – Simple & Effective Treatment Process

  • A quick, comfortable, and simple in-office treatment provided at our practice.
  • One of our trained providers will apply one single-use, disposable 3-Minute SweatControl Patch to your underarm, for up to three minutes.
  • The treated area may start to feel warm after the Patch is applied. You may also feel some sensations, such as pins and needles or stinging, which is an indication that the Patch is interacting with your sweat.
  • The Patch will be removed after the first underarm is treated and a new one will be applied to the other underarm.
  • A dramatic reduction with sweat production cut nearly in half after one single treatment.

Experience the Confidence Boost with Brella™

  • Significant improvement in confidence, including reduced feelings of frustration and embarrassment.
  • Reduced sweat production may lead to a reduction in the number of multiple-shower days, high dry-cleaning bills, frequency of applying antiperspirant, the need to frequently replace stained shirts and tops, or the need to carry an extra change of clothing.
  • A safe, effective, and versatile treatment for all skin types with no downtime, so you can resume your normal routine following your treatment.

*In clinical studies, many patients noticed improvements within several days of their treatment. Individual results may vary.*

Start Your Journey Today

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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I Brella™ candidate?

If you are an adult who is consistently bothered by excessive underarm sweating even when you are not exercising or are too hot, Brella™ could be right for you.

Who is not a good candidate for Brella™?

  • Certain individuals are not eligible for Brella™ treatment, including children or adolescents who have excessive underarm sweating.
  • Adults who have excessive sweating related to other medical conditions or in body areas other than the underarms.
  • Adults with active skin irritation or infection at the treatment site, or with any abrasions, knicks, or cuts at the treatment site.

Is Brella™ approved by the FDA?

Yes, Brella™ is the first and only FDA-cleared 3-minute SweatControl Patch™ to significantly reduce excessive underarm sweating due to primary axillary hyperhidrosis after a single in-office treatment. In rigorous trials, Brella™ was proven to be effective, safe, and well-tolerated to cut sweat production by half while improving confidence and daily living.

How long does Brella™ last?

Brella™ is proven to significantly reduce excessive underarm sweating after a single treatment with results that last three to four months. Some participants in our clinical study had longer-lasting results, e.g., greater than four months; individual results will vary.

Is this safe to use on all skin types?

Yes, Brella™ works on all skin types and is proven to be safe and well-tolerated.

What happens during a Brella™ treatment?

The Brella™ 3-Minute SweatControl Patch consists of a sodium sheet with an adhesive backing. When the Patch is applied to the underarm, the sodium comes into contact with the water in your sweat, generating heat. The heat precisely targets your underarm sweat glands to significantly reduce sweat production.

How long is a Brella™ procedure?

Brella™ is a quick, comfortable, and easy in-office treatment. It takes up to three minutes to treat each underarm and only one underarm is treated at a time.

What will I feel during the procedure?

During the procedure, the treated area may start to feel warm as time passes. You may also feel some stinging, pins and needles, or other sensations that may become more noticeable as the treatment takes place. This will be an indication that the Patch is interacting with your sweat and the treatment is working. In a clinical study, patients treated with Brella™ reported an average discomfort level of 2.4 (on a scale of 1-10, where 1 is minimal).

What side effects might I experience after treatment?

Brella™ is safe and generally well-tolerated. You may experience treatment-related minor redness or irritation, which typically resolves immediately after the procedure. Some patients had tenderness or sensitivity that lasted up to 48 hours.

How long does it take to work? When will I see the results?

Many patients see results within a few days. It is important to understand that this treatment reduces excessive underarm sweating. Brella™ will not stop sweating completely. If you exercise or are in a hot/muggy climate, you may still sweat in your underarms.

How do I prepare for my Brella™ treatment?

You will need to shave or clip your underarms at least 48 hours before treatment. On the day of your appointment, wear loose-fitting clothing. Make sure you drink plenty of water, so you are hydrated. Avoid wearing deodorant or antiperspirant to the appointment, if possible.

Is there any downtime with this treatment? Can I resume normal activities immediately post-treatment?

There’s no downtime after a Brella™ treatment.

If my sweat is reduced in one area, will I sweat more in another area?

This is called compensatory sweating, and it is a common side effect of treatments for excessive sweating. In a study by Brella™, this only happened to one patient, so it is not expected to be a common side effect, but it could happen. As results from a Brella™ 3-Minute SweatControl Patch treatment are temporary, if compensatory sweating occurs, it is expected that it will also be temporary.

When can I use deodorant/antiperspirant or shave again?

You can resume your normal hair removal, deodorant, or antiperspirant use after the treatment. But, if your underarms feel irritated or tender, wait until it resolves.

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