Uniting Innovation and Expertise: Dr. Zeidler’s 5th Annual Octane OC Meeting as Emcee

We are thrilled to share the exciting highlights from Dr. Zeidler’s recent participation in the 5th Annual Octane OC meeting, a pivotal event in the realm of aesthetics, innovation, and venture capital. This year’s gathering was particularly special as Dr. Zeidler was honored to welcome her esteemed colleague, Dr. Hausauer, as an expert speaker, adding an extra layer of expertise and collaboration to the event

Dr. Zeidler is a member of the Board of Directors for Octane OC, Southern California’s leading venture ‘think-tank’ to connect companies and capital. She has helped curate and emcee the most exciting of their many meetings, including the aesthetic vertical of their med-tech focus – The Annual Aesthetic Tech Forum, which recently took place in Newport Beach, CA. This is the 5th year since its inception and Dr. Zeidler has been so honored to be both the face of Octane Aesthetics and help curate this meeting in a way that brings the industry together with physicians.

Dr. Zeidler’s Key Highlights

The highlights of this year’s meeting included a keynote interview by Silicon Valley’s very own entrepreneur mastermind, Josh Makower, who founded Stanford University’s Biodesign Program. Highlights also included a deep dive into understanding the weight loss drug market, the effects on the business of aesthetic medicine, advances in hair and skin quality technology, and artificial intelligence. Dr. Zeidler’s favorite highlight – a keynote interview that she had the pleasure of leading with longtime friend and advisor, Bruce Maller, who gave a level set of the private equity interest in their specialty.

Dr. Zeidler, shares “More than anything it was so much fun to finally have Dr. H join as a speaker! We both couldn’t believe that that we were finally attending a meeting together and I still can’t believe that we didn’t get a decent picture together!”

Dr. Hausauer’s Key Highlights

Dr. Hausauer shares, “Octane is unlike any other meeting because it brings together not just physicians and providers but also innovators. There is an emphasis on understanding what we will be doing in the future and how best to grow the aesthetic field in a meaningful way. I had the privilege of speaking alongside some of the most influential research and development leaders about skin quality and regenerative medicine, providing the perspective of a practicing physician who understands patient needs. Another highlight is the launchpad incubator with early-stage companies. It is rare to find meetings that focus so much on what we will be doing not what we do currently.  Medicine, technology, beauty and investment all in one.”

Aesthetx remains at the forefront of advancements in aesthetics, and our doctors’ active participation at Octane OC exemplifies our commitment to shaping the future of the field.

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