Why Blending Plastic Surgery and Dermatology Offers Unique Benefits!

Dr. Kamakshi R. Zeidler and Dr. Amelia K. Hausauer of Aesthetx sat down with LVBX, a luxury lifestyle magazine, to discuss the many unique benefits of blending plastic surgery with dermatology and how it allows the Aesthetx doctors to provide customized care, comprehensive consultations and a combined strategy on how to approach each case. 

By offering both plastic surgery and dermatology specialties, patients can have access to a wide variety of procedures designed to aesthetically enhance the face and body, while offering treatments targeting medical conditions of the skin and soft tissue.  For example, when Dr. Zeidler meets with patients to discuss breast enhancement, she presents a customized plan which includes the option of laser treatments to both leverage the downtime and dramatically reduce the appearance of scars. This is where Dr. Hausauer plays an integral role as she will often laser the face or chest while patients are under anesthesia which is an excellent use of recovery time and allows them to reemerge with a new body and extra glow. The Aesthetx doctors tailor everything specifically for each case and this level of collaboration allows for highly coordinated care, optimal results and the ability to care for their Silicon Valley clientele in a deeply personal way. 

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