Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff – MiraDry to the Rescue!

Excessive underarm sweating is a self-fulfilling prophecy; you worry and stress about sweating too much, which in turn causes you to sweat too much! It might seem like an endless, unsolvable problem, one that makes it difficult for you to feel confident and comfortable in your own body. You’ve probably tried endless kinds of deodorant or techniques to stop it, but it doesn’t seem like there’s a solution. Don’t sweat it, MiraDry has arrived as an effective, non-surgical solution to excessive sweating.

What’s MiraDry?

You don’t have to worry about excessive underarm sweating anymore with MiraDry, your chance at peace of mind. MiraDry destroys the main cause for excessive underarm sweating: overactive sweat glands. Best of all, MiraDry is a simple, non-surgical treatment. Through a series of short procedures, MiraDry selectively targets sweat and odor glands and delivers enough energy to destroy them. All you have to do is lie down while MiraDry gets to work. You won’t even feel a thing because your underarms will be numbed before the treatment. After the treatment you can go home and enjoy your new, dry underarms.

What Are the Benefits of MiraDry?

With MiraDry, you can finally know what it’s like to raise your arms without worry, to not have to shower repeatedly throughout the day. You can go into stressful and strenuous situations with the full confidence that you no longer have to deal with those dreaded underarm stains. You can wear silk shirts and/or black clothing without another thought. Because MiraDry also targets odor glands, you’ll also have the benefit of decreased body odor. This is your chance to feel the cleanest and most refreshed that you ever have.

What Happens When I Sweat?

The sweat glands in your underarms only make up 2% of the total amount of sweat glands on your body. So, if you’re worried that getting the MiraDry procedure will affect how your body sweats, don’t be. Your body will sweat just like it used to, but now you can feel clean, confident, and carefree because you won’t have to deal with underarm stains or sticky streaks of deodorant.

Are you ready to say goodbye to underarm sweating? Contact Aesthetx now, for a consultation on MiraDry.

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Turn Back Time with these Anti-Aging Procedures!

Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up one day and find out that time has gone back for a bit? Every day we wake up, look in the mirror, and see more and more signs of aging: sagging skin, sun spots, deep wrinkles, and dry skin. We do our best conceal these blemishes—but it’s not really returning our skin back to its prime. Thankfully, there are some fantastic procedures out there that can give you a few more years of youth. You can turn back time, with Aesthetx’s outstanding anti-aging procedures.


The facelift is the ultimate anti-aging procedure; not only can it make you look decades younger, but it also offers long-lasting results. A facelift will eliminate the most prominent signs of aging from the middle of the face all the way to the upper neck. You can finally say goodbye to nasolabial folds, marionette lines, sagging skin, jowls, heavy neck bands, and so much more. Want to target some especially tricky areas? You can choose between our different variations of the facelift.

Facial Fat Grafting

Losing baby fat is an essential part of growing up—unfortunately, losing too much of it can make us look older than we really are. Restoring that volume in a way that’s safe and long-lasting might seem impossible, but facial fat grafting will do just that. It works by taking a sample of your own fat-taken from a place with extra fat to give-and injecting it into areas of the face suffering from volume loss. It’s your own tissue, so the procedure is incredibly safe and the results look natural.

Sciton Lasers

Looking for rejuvenation without surgery? We have the best laser technology for zapping the blemishes away. Take your pick from our collection of Sciton Lasers: Microlaserpeel, SkinTyte, and Profractional Laser. By changing the very makeup of your skin, our laser systems can take care of every sign of blemish or sign of aging: sagging skin, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, and more. Now you can achieve fresher, younger, and brighter skin without having to worry about a long downtime or recovery period.


BOTOX® is known worldwide as one of the most reliable and effective anti-aging treatments. It’s well deserved, because BOTOX® can soften the most prominent wrinkles and expression lines with just a few simple injections. Remarkably, the results of one treatment can last for months at a time.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are quickly establishing themselves as the go-to injectable for facial rejuvenation. From lip enhancement to smoothing out deep creases in the face—dermal fillers can do it all. Dermal fillers are smooth gels that, once injected into the desired areas, volumize the face and smooth out deep wrinkles.

The choice is yours: how will you turn back the hands of time? If you want some help deciding, contact Aesthetx now, for a consultation.

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Invest in Yourself; Cosmetic Procedures You Can Get with Your Tax Return

If you’re one of the 66% of Americans that expects a tax return this year, then you’re probably already trying to decide on how you’ll treat yourself. What better way is there to spend your money than a cosmetic treatment that could improve your confidence and self-esteem? You won’t be the first to spend their tax return on a cosmetic procedure: one RealSelf poll found that at least 29% of its community will do just that. Take some time to review some perfect procedures to get with your tax return, because it’s not a splurge—it’s an investment.

VI Peel

Don’t want to go too crazy with your newfound riches? A VI Peel will give you flawless, rejuvenated skin with none of the downtime of a major procedure. The VI Peel is one of the most advanced chemical peels in the industry because it has the power to reduce wrinkles, sun damage, and other blemishes—while also being relatively painless. Best of all, it works with all skin types.

Laser Hair Removal

Aesthetx offers the ClearScan and the BBL treatment for laser hair removal. Laser hair removal is a completely nonsurgical treatment that uses light or laser energy to remove hair from any area you want. In just a few treatments, you can have smooth, hairless skin forever. Think of all the money you’ll save when you no longer have to shell out your hard-earned money for razors and waxing services year after year!

Fat Transfer

If you’re going to use your tax return on one piece of technology, use it with Aesthex’s state-of-the-art fat grafting technologies: Hydrasolve and Puregraft. Fat transfers are extremely popular ways to restore fullness to the face or add subtle volume to the breasts and buttocks. Hydrasolve is an innovative liposuction technique that’s as gentle on the fatty tissue as possible, while Puregraft processes the fat with unparalleled pureness and cleanliness. Whether you want natural fullness in the breast, buttocks, or face, Aesthetx has the best tools for the job.


You might not be able to cover the entire cost with your tax return, but the facelift is completely worth it. By tightening and lifting sagging skin, a facelift can eliminate deep wrinkles on the face and sagging jowls on the chin and neck. You’ll be able to remove decades off of your real age and enjoy results that last for an incredibly long time. You can’t put a price on feeling young again.

What’s a tax return to you? To a lot of people, it’s almost like a nice, unexpected present that comes once every spring time. Use it well by contacting Aesthetx for a consultation on their wonderful cosmetic procedures.

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Dr. Berkowitz Joins Faculty of Dallas Rhinoplasty Symposium

Aesthetx is incredibly proud to be led by two thought leaders who continue to inspire new generations of plastic surgery masters. In fact, our very own Dr. Berkowitz was recently invited to teach a new generation of rhinoplasty experts at the 34th annual Dallas Rhinoplasty Symposium. Though he’s traveled the world as an educator for the latest plastic surgery techniques and devices, Dr. Berkowitz was honored to join the renowned rhinoplasty symposium for the very first time as a faculty member.

About the Dallas Rhinoplasty Symposium

Even in its 34th year, the Dallas Rhinoplasty Symposium still attracts hundreds of participants from all over the globe. With a focus on only the most advanced, proven techniques, the symposium aims to teach participants everything about rhinoplasty, from basic techniques to the most state-of-the-art improvements and refinements of traditional techniques. Many participants are post-graduate residents and practicing plastic surgeons who hope to improve their technique with the help of primary and secondary rhinoplasty masters like Dr. Berkowitz.

A Lifelong Educator

As a faculty member, Dr. Berkowitz used his years of expertise and status as an innovator to educate participants on one of the newest devices that’s changing the field of rhinoplasty: Piezo electric tools. Dr. Berkowitz was the very first faculty member to introduce the use of power tools as a superior tool for nose reshaping into the teaching course. Dr. Berkowitz showed the many benefits of using Piezo electric tools: power tools are precise enough to allow for more refined and predictable results, result in less trauma to the tissue, and cause less bruising and swelling than traditional techniques. The Aesthetx private surgery center is currently equipped with the latest Piezo electric tools.

A Master of Rhinoplasty

He’s been a huge figure in the world of rhinoplasty for some time, so it’s not surprising to see why Dr. Berkowitz was chosen to present at the Dallas Rhinoplasty symposium. Dr. Berkowitz currently sits on the Board of Directors for the Rhinoplasty Society. A consummate educator, he’s toured the world to speak about his state-of-the-art techniques and most recently taught a six-part course on the complete guide to rhinoplasty for the Plastic Surgery Education Network (PSEN.) He’s also authored book chapters on rhinoplasty and has had his work featured in the media and renowned publications all over the world.

In addition to his renowned work and illustrious career, Dr. Berkowitz is also a compassionate and caring doctor. For a chance to work with him and the esteemed Dr. Zeidler, contact Aesthetx now, for a consultation.

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Should You Get a Breast Lift or Implants or Both?

Thinking of getting breast surgery, but not sure which procedure is best for you? Aesthetx created this infographic the includes facts about a breast lift, breast implants, and a combination of the procedures. For more information on these breast procedures, or to schedule a consultation, please contact Aesthetx.

Breast Lift

  • also called mastopexy
  • raises sagging breasts
  • reshapes and firms the breasts
  • improves wide areola and large nipples
  • adjusts the position of the areola
  • procedure time: 3 hours
  • recovery time: 1-2 weeks
  • 95% worth it rating

Breast Implants

  • also called breast augmentation
  • uses silicone or saline implants
  • increases breast volume
  • enhances the contour of the breasts
  • improves the feel of the breasts
  • procedure time: 2 hours
  • recovery time: 1-2 weeks
  • 96% worth it rating

Breast Lift + Implants

  • reverses signs of aging, motherhood, and weight loss
  • gives the breasts a more youthful appearance
  • improves self-esteem
  • full upper pole fullness
  • cleavage mimicking the push-up look

Breast Lift, Implants, or Both

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Hot Spots for Pilates + Yoga Around Los Gatos

Whether you prefer mindful yoga classes or strengthening Pilates classes, having a consistent fitness routine is important in maintaining overall health and wellness. Aesthetx compiled the below list of hot spots for Pilates and yoga around Los Gatos. Be sure to check out one of the below studios for an effective and rewarding workout!

  1. Yoga Source fosters individual growth and a sense of community among their diverse students by practicing and preserving the purity of Hatha yoga in a safe place.
  2. Flex Fusion is a comprehensive boutique studio that offers barre, yoga, and boot camp classes for a well-rounded workout that will push their clients to their full potential.
  3. Breathe Together Yoga hopes to enrich their members’ lives by acting as a sanctuary where they can participate in youth, prenatal, Vinyasa, Asian fusion, and other forms of yoga.
  4. Core MOcean prides itself in its evolutionary approach to group fitness, where they fuse strength, cardio, core, balance, and flexibility training for an effective full body workout.
  5. Spring Training designs training programs that combine Pilates and Gyrotonic Expansion System to build muscles and improve movement for any athletic endeavor.

Fitness Hot Spots Around Los Gatos

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Dr. Zeidler Heads to Spain for Barcelona Breast Meeting 2017

As a thought-leader in the world of breast surgery, Dr. Kamakshi Zeidler has traveled the world to spread her expertise in new techniques for cosmetic and reconstructive breast procedures. Just recently, Dr. Zeidler delivered a series of lectures for the most renowned physicians in her field at the 2017 Barcelona Breast Meeting, a symposium on state-of-the-art revision surgery techniques, complex cases, and breast cancer treatment and reconstruction. Dr. Jaume Masia, one of the Chairmen of the symposium and colleague of Dr. Zeidler, personally tapped Dr. Zeidler to be a part of the faculty.

The Barcelona Breast Meeting

The 2017 Barcelona Breast Meeting was a three-day conference for some of the most renowned minds in the field of breast surgery. This year, the event had over 400 attendees from more than 26 countries. The conference featured lectures, live surgeries, and workshops. The lectures were delivered by the conference’s distinguished faculty, which was made up of a handful elite surgeons like Dr. Zeidler. The symposium was held at the world-famous and historic Hospital de Sant Pau, which happens to be the oldest hospital in Spain.

A Master of Breast Surgery

Dr. Zeidler was able to draw upon her innovative career for her lectures; she was honored to help educate attendees on the devices and techniques that she and Dr. Berkowitz had a hand in helping develop. Hot off her appearance on The Doctors, Dr. Zeidler once again lended her expertise on one of the most advanced devices for breast reconstruction: Aeroform. In a lecture titled “My Experience in Breast Reconstruction with AirXpander,” Dr. Zeidler described the incredible benefits of the Aeroform device, which allows women to control the degree and timing of their breast expansion to prepare for breast reconstruction. Dr. Zeidler also performed a lecture about her unique techniques for fat grafting for the breast, and how advanced devices like HydraSolve and PureGraft allow for smooth, predictable, and long-lasting results.

An Experienced Lecturer

Like many of the faculty members, Dr. Zeidler discussed the innovative techniques she’s pioneered, such as her and Dr. Berkowitz’s autoimplant breast lift technique and the use of acellular dermal matrixes. Dr. Zeidler discussed the long-lasting lift capabilities of the autoimplant breast lift and how acellular dermal matrixes provide crucial support for delicate reconstruction and revision procedures. Having seen so much during her illustrious career, she also drew on her unique experiences to moderate an international panel of surgeons who discussed their most difficult cases and how they solved them.

The Barcelona Breast Meeting was truly a meeting of the masters. If you’d like to see more pictures from Dr. Zeidler’s visit to Spain, visit our Instagram page below.

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Dr. Zeidler’s Guest Appearance on The Doctors National TV Show

Aesthetx is proud to announce that one of our esteemed surgeons, Dr. Zeidler, was featured in an exciting new episode of The Doctors!  You might already be a fan of the show, but for those of you who’ve only caught a promo here and there, The Doctors is an Emmy-nominated talk show hosted by four renowned physicians that explores the world of health and medicine. With help from Dr. Zeidler, the show’s latest episode featured one of Dr. Zeidler’s breast reconstruction patients’ use of AeroForm, an innovative tissue expander system. As the first surgeon to conduct the AirXpander Aeroform procedure following FDA clearance, Dr. Zeidler is able to provide some valuable insight regarding this new technique.

What Is AeroForm?

Dr. Zeidler is known for her work in breast reconstruction, but many people don’t know that Dr. Zeidler’s family is affected by the BRCA gene mutation, so she understands how difficult this experience can be. Part of the first step in breast reconstruction is tissue expansion, where women insert a placeholder implant into their breasts to create space for the impending new implant. These placeholders are called tissue expanders and have to be gradually expanded, and that requires multiple visits to the doctor’s offices where the implants are injected with saline a little at a time. A second operation is done a few months later to exchange the tissue expanders for permanent implants. With AeroForm, the unique, needle-free device created by AirXpanders, the entire expanding mechanism can be done wirelessly in the comfort of the patient’s home. With a simple push of a button, women can control how much and when the expander grows larger. By enabling women to control their expansion, AeroForm allows women to avoid inconvenient trips to the doctor’s office and needles altogether.

Dr. Zeidler, Our Resident Reconstruction Expert

As a thought leader in the world of breast surgery, Dr. Zeidler has influenced some of the most innovative devices in the industry. Dr. Zeidler herself was the very first surgeon to perform surgery with AeroForm after it was FDA-cleared; she is the surgeon that’s performed the most surgeries with this device; and was a clinical investigator for AirXpander’s trials in the U.S. She’s also known for her breakthrough techniques in the field of breast reconstruction surgery and her ability to masterfully combine cosmetic enhancement techniques with sophisticated breast reconstruction procedures.

How AeroForm Changes Lives

The Doctors is committed to educating viewers on the latest news and events in health and medicine, and Dr. Zeidler is proud that they’re spreading the word on a device that could very well change a woman’s life. In this episode, The Doctors follow the story of Adrienne, one of Dr. Zeidler’s patients and one of the very first people to use AeroForm. As someone who’s worked closely with AeroForm, Dr. Zeidler has seen stories like Adrienne’s many times. Dr. Zeidler is proud to have contributed to a device that gives the power of choice and comfort to women. A survivor’s journey is never easy, but with AeroForm, women are that much closer to restoring their femininity and sense of identity.


Aesthetx is proud to be led by two world renowned surgeons like Dr. Berkowitz and Dr. Zeidler. For a chance to work with masters in the field of plastic surgery, contact Aesthetx to schedule a consultation.

Watch the Doctor’s Segments Below!

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Fall in Love with Your Figure This Valentine’s Day, With CoolSculpting

This Valentine’s Day, don’t wait for someone else to give you the perfect gift. Take charge and celebrate this holiday as an ode to self-care and self-love. It might seem like you can’t give yourself the gift of confidence, but with a body-contouring procedure like CoolSculpting, you might just finally fall in love with your figure.

Fat Removal

For some unlucky people, no amount of diet and exercise can help them tone their body. Stemming from genetics, the effects of pregnancy, or even just aging, many men and women develop these localized pockets of fat that are almost impossible to get rid of. More often than not, these little imperfections can ruin a perfectly fit and healthy figure. These pockets of fat can’t be specifically targeted—not even successful overall weight loss can get rid of them. While procedures like liposuction can pretty successfully remove this fat, more and more people desire body contouring without the down time of invasive procedures.

What’s CoolSculpting?

That’s where CoolSculpting comes in. CoolSculpting is a new, state-of-the-art procedure that uses freezing to permanently eliminate fat. Best of all, it doesn’t requiring a single incision or suture. All you have to do is lie down and relax while the fat freezing gets to work. The CoolSculpting applicator is placed on whatever treatment area you want: the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, and so much more. The only thing you’ll feel is a soothing, cold sensation and some gentle tugging. For patients who want something quicker than a “lunchtime treatment,” Aesthetx also offers DualSculpting, a new treatment that allows for a faster, two-sided CoolSculpting treatment. You’ve worked hard to get healthy. Isn’t it time that you get to relax AND come out looking fitter than ever?

CoolSculpting Results

CoolSculpting technology freezes fat at a certain temperature that affects fat cells but leaves other surrounding tissues untouched. Once the fat cells are crystalized, they’re essentially destroyed and eventually flushed from the body. Because the fat cells can’t return, your results are permanent. Gradually, over a few months, your sleeker, more athletic new body should emerge.

Gifts like flowers, chocolate, and candlelight dinners are out; this year, let’s try something a little bit more permanent. Self-esteem, pride, and confidence—these are the greatest gifts a person can get. There’s no better time to give them to yourself than Valentine’s Day, so contact Aesthetx now to learn more about what CoolSculpting can do for you.

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Introducing Silicon Valley’s New Powerhouse Plastic Surgery Practice: Aesthetx

Silicon Valley is known as the center of the technological world, a mecca of some of our nation’s most prominent and innovative businesses. Now, elite aesthetic surgeons Dr. Kamakshi R. Zeidler and Dr. R. Laurence Berkowitz are proud to announce that they are joining forces to create a new, state-of-the-art practice for high-end cosmetic surgery: Aesthetx.

The Best of the Best Unite

Aesthetx was created by two thought leaders in the field of elite aesthetic surgery: Dr. Kamakshi Zeidler and Dr. R. Laurence Berkowitz. Each surgeon has made their own innovative contributions to the world of plastic surgery, allowing them unparalleled insight into what makes the best results and how to get them. They have each innovated techniques that have left a lasting impression on the plastic surgery world and personally helped to develop some of the most groundbreaking devices in the market. Now they’ve joined their respective specialties together to create a practice that provides a comprehensive aesthetic surgery experience.

The Aesthetx Philosophy

Years of experience at the forefront of plastic surgery, have made Dr. Zeidler and Dr. Berkowitz passionate about creating natural, balanced, and proportional results for their patients. Both doctors understand how personalized care can translate to superior outcomes and positive patient experience. They believe that by respecting the structural rules of the human body and by being highly considerate of patient goals and desires, our talented surgeons can do more than satisfy the patient’s expectations—they can exceed them.

As Dr. Zeidler and Dr. Berkowitz capitalize on their wealth of experience and complementary strengths in different areas of plastic surgery, Aesthetx is destined to become the premier high-end plastic and aesthetic surgery practice in Silicon Valley and the Bay Area.

True Innovation

Aesthetx believes in providing each patient with the most state-of-the-art and medically proven techniques and technology. From the latest Sciton Laser Treatments, anatomically-shaped implants, to the newly-approved Miradry, Aesthetx provides the newest innovations in the medical field. As the world of medical technology moves forward, so does Aesthetx.

The Aesthetx Surgery Center

With Aesthetx, your exceptional patient experience will begin the moment you walk through our doors. We’ve built our passion for individualized care right into our walls; your surgical procedures will be performed in our private, state-of-the-art operating room: the Aesthetx Surgery Center. Our fully-accredited surgical center was built specifically to operate on the highest levels of safety standards, and we take great pains to only allow one patient at a time in our surgical suite at a time.

Working with Aesthetx means working with two world-renowned surgeons, superior patient care, and treatment with some of the most state-of-the-art techniques available. We are pleased to announce Aesthetx is now open to help you be you. Only better.

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