4 Issues a Neck Lift can Address

The neck is a critical area for aesthetic treatments and cosmetic surgery. That’s because both men and women notice signs of aging creeping up on this delicate skin in midlife.

Whether it’s neck rings and wrinkles, unwanted fat deposits, or the dreaded “turkey neck,” tissue in this region is particularly susceptible to changes over time.

Aesthetx offers neck lift surgery as an all-in-one multitasking treatment to combat numerous issues. Also called lower rhytidectomy, it can dramatically tone and smooth the neck and jawline with minimal downtime or scarring.

Below, we’ll highlight the top 4 problem areas a neck lift can treat.

Turkey Neck

When fat deposits, lax skin, and gravity combine, the result for one’s neck can be hanging, baggy areas. Just like a turkey wattle, this tissue may move when you talk and make your clothing necklines feel awkward. Fat in the submental (under chin) area and stretched skin that has lost collagen and elastin don’t respond well to exercise. Surgical solutions like neck lifting surgery can trim away the excess, remove the fat manually, and restore a toned neck contour. Bye, turkey neck!

Double Chins

Sometimes the appearance of a double chin isn’t related to age. You may have a hereditary trait causing fat to accumulate in the submental region. It’s a frustrating problem for men and women because even diet and exercise don’t usually shrink double chins.

You may avoid pictures or pose at particular angles to avoid showing it, but neck lift surgery can permanently remove it.

Liposuction alone removes fat, but if neck sagging or wrinkles bother you too, a neck lift surgery might be the right solution.

Loose Skin

Over time, our skin loses its natural elasticity and tone. Collagen, which kept the delicate neck skin plump, will begin to fade sometime in the 30s. In addition, sagging jowls and neck skin are common complaints from those who have lost significant weight.

Whatever the reason your neck contour isn’t what it used to be, neck lifts are the reliable, permanent way to discretely remove excess and tighten the area again. Neck lift scars may be hidden under the chin or around the ears, so they stay well out of sight.

Scars and Other Aesthetic Problems

Some people choose a neck lift to correct scarring and other tissue changes. Moles, pigmentation, or surgical scars may be removed and replaced with smoother skin and smaller, more discrete scars.

Who Is an Ideal Neck Lift Candidate?

In general, those who have loose, sagging skin on their neck due to aging or weight loss make good candidates for this surgery. There is no ideal age; however, patients should be in good general health with no conditions that impair healing. The entire neck lift will usually take two hours and can be done under IV sedation or general anesthetic. Non-smokers and those with realistic expectations for the outcomes are also good candidates.

The best way to learn more and decide whether this treatment is for you is to meet with Aesthetx’s board-certified plastic surgeons for your personalized consultation. You’re welcome to call (408) 559-7177 or write to us online to get started today!

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