Even when you have a cheerful personality that can light up any room, having frown lines can instantly suck the joy out of your appearance. Whether you are tired of looking perpetually angry, sad, or exhausted due to your frown lines, getting the revolutionary DAXXIFY™ treatment can help you resolve all these concerns.

FDA-approved for the treatment of frown lines, DAXXIFY™ in San Jose, CA allows you to obtain a youthful and radiant look through one of the latest non-surgical treatments. As compared to other popular neuromodulators, a single DAXXIFY™ treatment can last thrice their typical duration and maintain results for up to 9 months for some patients.

At Aesthetx, Dr. Amelia K. Hausauer and our team of experts are proud to be one of the first providers of DAXXIFY™ in the world. Since Dr. Hausauer is one of the handful of doctors who worked on the DAXXIFY™ clinical trials, she holds hands-on experience for the novel treatment that is only available at exclusive facilities.

To see how DAXXIFY™ can help you leave your frown lines behind, contact the Aesthetx team for a personalized consultation by visiting here or calling 408-559-7177.

DAXXIFY™ In San Jose, CA

DAXXIFY™ is a neuromodulator that is FDA-approved for the treatment of frown lines. Using the purified form of botulinum toxin type A, a safe and effective substance that is used in popular wrinkle treatments, DAXXIFY™ injections prohibit muscular activity in the area of concern. This reduces wrinkles and creases such as frown lines that form due to continuous muscle contractions and movements.

This may sound like many other botulinum toxin neuromodulators such as BOTOX® and Xeomin® that essentially perform the same function. But DAXXIFY™ stands out of these popular treatments due to its composition.

Instead of using human serum albumin (HSA) to stabilize botulinum toxin type A like other neuromodulators, DAXXIFY™ uses Peptide Exchange Technology™ (PXT). Through PXT, botulinum toxin type A can bind more effectively to its target area and maximize its efficiency. In turn, your results from a DAXXIFY™ treatment last longer than other muscle relaxers.

You can see your DAXXIFY™ results in as little as 2 weeks from the treatment, where your frown lines essentially disappear for you to boast of a smooth and glowing forehead profile. Your results can last from 6-9 months, which makes DAXXIFY™ a highly effective solution for the treatment of unwanted frown lines and wrinkles.

Which Areas Can DAXXIFY™ Treat?

DAXXIFY™ is approved by the FDA for the treatment of frown lines between the eyebrows. These lines appear due to repeated muscle contractions between your eyebrows, which causes your muscles to gather and puts pressure on your skin. When your skin constantly experiences these folds, it can make way for moderate to severe lines to form over the affected area.

However, DAXXIFY™ can also be used off-label in several other areas to treat the same concern of dynamic wrinkles and fine lines. This approach depends upon your provider and their assessment for your needs, medical history, and compatibility with other available neuromodulators.

At Aesthetx, Dr. Hausauer uses her knowledge and experience from the DAXXIFY™ clinical trials to advise whether getting DAXXIFY™ in San Jose, CA can be a suitable treatment for you. This makes sure that you can get the popular botulinum toxin in a new delivery method through a safe and effective manner.

What Is The Difference Between DAXXIFY™, BOTOX®, And Xeomin®?

Before learning the difference between DAXXIFY™, BOTOX®, and Xeomin®, it is important to learn about their similarities. This provides you with a clearer idea of how these treatments work and what actually sets DAXXIFY™ apart from the other popular options.

DAXXIFY™, BOTOX®, and Xeomin® all use botulinum toxin type A as their main ingredient. They are also FDA-approved for cosmetic treatments and remain safe as well as effective to administer in the areas of concern. All of these three treatments work by relaxing the treated muscles and limiting their movements, which works towards reducing the appearance of moderate to severe dynamic wrinkles and fine lines.

DAXXIFY™, BOTOX®, and Xeomin® differ due to how they stabilize the main ingredient, botulinum toxin type A. Where BOTOX® and Xeomin® use HSA, which is a blood protein, DAXXIFY™ uses Peptide Exchange Technology™ (PXT). With the use of peptides that have a smaller size than proteins, DAXXIFY™ is able to bind botulinum toxin type A to the target muscles, while also enhancing the overall duration of results.

Apart from using no animal or human byproducts in its composition, this benefit of having its results last longer mainly sets DAXXIFY™ apart from the other two popular neuromodulators. Where BOTOX® and Xeomin® both require maintenance treatments every 3-4 months, DAXXIFY™ calls for maintenance injections every 6-9 months.

With the extensive experience of Dr. Hausauer, the Aesthetx family can help you understand the differences between DAXXIFY™, BOTOX®, Xeomin® and other neuromodulators through a detailed consultation. This helps you get your treatment of DAXXIFY™ in San Jose, CA with the utmost confidence about the solution.

Who Is An Ideal Candidate For DAXXIFY™?

As a neuromodulator that is delivered through injections, DAXXIFY™ does not require surgery and does not have intensive requirements for recipients. With that being said, there are a few characteristics in place to identify the ideal candidate for DAXXIFY™.

These factors include:

  • Moderate to severe frown lines.
  • Overall good health with no underlying nerve or muscle conditions.
  • No past allergies from botulinum toxin.
  • No infection around the treatment area.
  • Expectations of realistic results.

Apart from frown lines, DAXXIFY™ can also be used in certain cases for other dynamic wrinkles and fine lines that appear due to constant movements of muscles. Based upon your concerns and medical history, your provider can advise whether you can receive DAXXIFY™ for these additional applications or if you should get another neuromodulator for such concerns.

What To Expect During A DAXXIFY™ Treatment?

During your DAXXIFY™ treatment, you can expect to go through a short and comfortable session with your injectable. The process typically involves the following steps.

  • You arrive at the facility for your DAXXIFY™ treatment.
  • The medical staff guides you towards the treatment room.
  • Your provider ensures that the skin across the treatment area is cleansed and does not have any infections.
  • Your provider uses a topical anesthetic to alleviate any possible discomfort during the treatment.
  • Your provider injects DAXXIFY™ into the area of concern to relax your muscles.
  • Your treatment is completed within 10-20
  • You leave the facility to return to your usual activities.

How Long Does It Take To Recover From DAXXIFY™?

As a neuromodulator injectable, DAXXIFY™ requires little to no downtime or recovery time. You can return to your usual activities right after your treatment. While you may feel slight discomfort after getting your DAXXIFY™ injection, it typically goes away after a few hours of receiving the treatment.

With that being said, if you show any signs of an allergic reaction to botulinum toxin such as redness and swelling, you should get immediate medical attention through your provider. 

At Aesthetx, we administer DAXXIFY™ in San Jose, CA only after ensuring that the treatment remains compatible with your medical history and underlying conditions. This prevents higher risks for an allergic reaction. After your treatment, our team also remains a call away in order to help you through any additional concerns that you might have.

How Do You Maintain DAXXIFY™ Results?

In DAXXIFY™ clinical trials, results lasted for around 6 months for the average recipient, while going as long as 9 months for some. Depending upon how your muscles react to DAXXIFY™, you may need to get maintenance injections every 6 months.

This means that as compared to getting maintenance treatments for other neuromodulators 4 times a year, you can maintain the benefits of your DAXXIFY™ treatment with only 2 sessions a year. This stands out as a massive benefit for getting DAXXIFY™.

DAXXIFY™ is also a temporary solution with the flexibility to opt out any time after your treatment. In turn, if you do not want to continue with DAXXIFY™ treatments and feel no issue with your dynamic wrinkles returning, you can simply stop your maintenance sessions.

Get Your Long-Lasting Neuromodulator Today!

Along with the distinction of participating in the clinical trials for DAXXIFY™, publishing research articles, and lecturing on the science of the solution, Dr. Hausauer at Aesthetx is one of the select providers of DAXXIFY™ in the world. Under her guidance, the Aesthetx team can help you with receiving DAXXIFY™ in San Jose, CA while taking care of all the considerations that are associated with this novel treatment.

To see how DAXXIFY™ can take years off of your facial features, contact the Aesthetx team for a detailed consultation by filling out our contact form or calling 408-559-7177.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is DAXXIFY™ safe?

For those who are not allergic to botulinum toxin, DAXXIFY™ is completely safe and has no serious side effects. To ensure its safety for recipients, DAXXIFY™ held the largest clinical trials for a frown lines treatment in medical history with more than 2,400 participants.

Can you combine DAXXIFY™ with other treatments?

If you have multiple aesthetic concerns, you can safely combine your DAXXIFY™ treatment with other options such as dermal fillers. This allows you to rejuvenate your appearance and obtain a youthful look that is not limited to a single treatment method.

After a hands-on consultation, the Aesthetx team can help you determine what type of treatments you can receive in combination with DAXXIFY™.

How much does DAXXIFY™ cost?

The price for DAXXIFY™ in San Jose, CA is available on request. At Aesthetx, we make sure to provide you with competitive quotes that make this novel treatment more accessible for you.

How long do DAXXIFY™ results last?

DAXXIFY™ results can last for 6 months on an average. For some recipients, they can go as long as 9 months. This makes it the most long-lasting aesthetic neuromodulator currently available.

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