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The surgeons at Aesthetx understand how important breast shape and size are to a woman’s sense of self and confidence. If you are unsatisfied with a previous surgery, our plastic surgeons offer fully customized breast revision options in San Jose to help you feel comfortable with your body again. Their comprehensive approach has helped body symmetry and beauty for countless patients.

Some patients choose to undergo breast revision surgery after receiving less-than-optimal results following a breast augmentation, while others have aesthetic irregularities after a biopsy or capsular contracture from implants. In either case, breast revision surgery helps patients achieve the look that matches their cosmetic preferences.

If capsular contracture, irregularities after biopsy, or other factors have left you feeling unsatisfied with the way your breasts look, discover how the surgeons at Aesthetx can help you achieve your ideal shape.

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Reasons for Considering Breast Revision Surgery

Capsular Contracture

Capsular contracture sometimes occurs after breast augmentation when the scar tissue surrounding the implants becomes too tight, eventually contracting until the implant distorted. While the development of scar tissue is a normal bodily response, it becomes problematic it creates advanced pressure around breast implants. Capsular contracture can be painful, but it can also alter the cosmetic results of augmentation surgery, making the breasts look abnormal. Through a breast revision, your surgeon can remove this painful scar tissue and replace your implants.

Aesthetic Changes

Following a breast augmentation, some women may be unhappy with the unexpected appearance of cosmetic imperfections, including rippling or dimples on the breasts. Depending on where the implants were placed, there is also the slight risk that they will shift. You may notice that your implants have moved too close to the sternum (synmastia), toward the underarms (lateral displacement), or have “bottomed out” and are now sitting lower than the regular breast fold. In addition to these changes, some women seek breast revision surgery simply to increase or decrease the size of their original implants. A breast revision can correct all these issues and help you feel more comfortable with the appearance of your breasts.

On the other hand, many women are pleased with the results of their original augmentation but find the aesthetics of their breasts have changed with age, resulting in asymmetry or sagging. This is particularly true in women who have become pregnant after getting a breast augmentation. Breast revision surgery, however, can rejuvenate your appearance and restore what age or pregnancy have altered.

Defect from Breast Surgery or Biopsy

While most breast biopsies are performed with a needle, other methods require invasive techniques, such as an excisional biopsy or a lumpectomy, where a portion of breast tissue is removed. Although this typically doesn’t require full reconstruction surgery, it can still be distressing to have a permanent distortion to the breasts.

If indentations or an irregular appearance following a biopsy or breast surgery have occurred, a breast revision can correct defects or help minimize their appearance. Likewise, if you are unhappy with the results of a prior breast reconstruction surgery following mastectomy, the surgeons at Aesthetx can provide an additional procedure for aesthetic enhancement.

Implant Rupture

Implant rupture is a rare complication that can sometimes occur after breast augmentation. This happens when the protective outer shell of the implant is torn or is damaged, which can happen due to physical trauma, compression, and age of the implant. Women who have saline implants will be able to easily spot a rupture because the implant will deflate rapidly. Fortunately, the saline solution that fills these types of implants can be safely absorbed by the body.

Ruptures in silicone gel implants aren’t always as obvious. This is why the FDA recommends regular MRI screenings every few years. If you think your silicone gel implants have ruptured, you should undergo an MRI as soon as possible to make sure they’re not leaking. Silicone implants need to be removed as soon as possible once a rupture has been detected. Many women choose to have a new set of implants placed after the ruptured set has been removed.

Your Consultation for a Breast Revision in San Jose

The first step on the road to better aesthetics is a personal consultation at Aesthetx. Their beautiful facility and welcoming atmosphere in consultations will allow you to feel at ease as you begin your cosmetic journey. The surgeons at Aesthetx understand that the prospect of undergoing surgery can be overwhelming – especially when it concerns your appearance. For this reason, they will take the time to carefully listen to your needs and concerns.

You can expect to have every question answered in detail during your consultation to help you feel confident with your decision. Your consultation will also include a physical examination to determine which surgical technique would best suit your needs. Whether you’re interested in updating your breast implants, addressing capsular contracture or an aesthetic defect, the surgeons at Aesthetx are committed to delivering exceptional, customized results.

How Breast Revision Surgery Is Performed

Depending on why you’re seeking breast revision surgery, your procedure will vary. Your breast revision may involve the following:

  • Capsular Contracture: For patients with capsular contracture, the scar tissue surrounding the breast implants will be released surgically. After the scar tissue has been successfully removed, a new set of breast implants can be placed to achieve enhanced volume and symmetry.
  • Aesthetic Changes: If you are seeking aesthetic improvement of your original breast augmentation, your implants will be removed and replaced with new implants that accurately reflect your cosmetic tastes and work best with your anatomy. A breast lift might also be recommended, as breast implants alone cannot provide an adequate lift to sagging breasts.
  • Defect after Breast Surgery or Biopsy: For those wanting to correct irregularities after breast surgery or a biopsy, your surgeon may use breast implants or fat transfer to restore a more natural appearance. Fat transfer to the breasts involves extracting fat from the patient’s own body via liposuction and re-injecting it into the breasts to achieve natural-looking contours.
  • Implant Rupture: Women whose implants have ruptured will need to undergo surgery to have them removed. Many patients also choose to have a new set of implants placed during this surgery to maintain their ideal breast aesthetic.

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Questions to Ask at Your Breast Revision Consultation

I Don’t Like the Results of My Recent Breast Augmentation. How Soon Can I Have a Breast Revision?

It’s important to remember that it does take some time for the breasts to settle after an augmentation procedure. In fact, it may take 6 months to a full year for the final results of your breast augmentation to become apparent. For this reason, it’s recommended that patients wait for 6 – 12 months after their breast augmentation before considering breast revision surgery.

What Will My Breasts Look Like If I Have My Implants Removed and Not Replaced?

Women are understandably concerned that their breasts will look “deflated” if they choose to have their implants removed without being replaced. However, in many cases, your surgeon will be able to reposition the internal breast tissue (auto-augmentation technique) to create a lifted appearance with adequate volume if you choose not to have breast implants.

Can I Change the Type of Implants Through Breast Revision Surgery?

Yes, absolutely. The surgeons at Aesthetx are happy to create a treatment plan that accurately reflects your cosmetic preferences, including changing the type of your breast implants and the size.

I Don’t Want Implants Anymore. Can I Have Fat Transfer Instead?

Yes. Some women don’t like the idea of having implants anymore, but they still want to maintain their ideal breast aesthetic. With fat transfer to the breasts, you can achieve fuller, rounder breasts using your own fat. During this procedure, fat will be harvested from areas of your body using a gentle liposuction technique. The fat is processed to remove any impurities or fluids before being carefully injected into the breasts until the ideal volume is achieved.

Fat transfer can produce exquisite results for those wanting a natural solution for breast enhancement. Some patients also choose to have fat transfer performed with breast augmentation to enhance the results of their breast implants.

How Do I Know If My Breast Implants Need to Be Replaced?

While there’s no “expiration date” for implants, you may want to consider a breast revision surgery if you’ve noticed skin dimpling, ripples, implant migration, capsular contracture, or other unwanted cosmetic changes.

Is It Possible for Capsular Contracture to Return After a Breast Revision?

The surgeons at Aesthetx will do everything possible to try to prevent a recurrence. However, there is still a slight risk that you may experience capsular contracture again with a new set of breast implants.

Will My Breast Revision Require More Than One Procedure?

In most cases, removal and replacement of implants can take place during a single procedure. Likewise, surgical release of capsular contracture and the placement of new implants can usually be done at the same time. Breast revision requiring procedures on more than one day is not common, but it may be recommended for some patients.

What Is Recovery Like After Breast Revision Surgery?

Your recovery after breast surgery will depend on which procedure (or combination of procedures) were performed. In most cases, the recovery period will be similar to the recovery period for a standard breast augmentation. During the first week, you will likely feel some pain or tightness in your breasts. By a week or two, most patients are able to resume their regular activities. However, you should avoid exercise and strenuous physical activity for about four to six weeks.

Where Will My Breast Revision Surgery in San Jose Be Performed?

For ultimate safety, comfort, and convenience, your breast revision surgery will be performed in Aesthetx’s on-site surgical facility. This beautiful, state-of-the-art facility is fully equipped with the latest technology, and it meets the strictest standards of accreditation by the American Association of Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgical Facilities (AAAASF).

Explore your options for breast revision surgery in San Jose and learn more about what our cosmetic surgeons can do for you. Contact Aesthetx today at (408) 559-7177 to schedule a consultation.

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