Why Aesthetx?

Dr. Zeidler, Dr. Hausauer, and their multi-disciplinary team at Aesthetx believe that the most successfully planned and constructed structures are those that endure the tests of time. It’s a philosophy that they apply to plastic surgery and dermatology; the most exquisite results can only come from a deep understanding and respect of your anatomy. Your body should not be altered, but rather, rebuilt and refined.

Our entire practice stems from this foundation: state-of-the-art, scientifically proven technology; a successful partnership between pioneers in the fields of plastic surgery and procedural dermatology; and aesthetic philosophy that values natural, long-lasting results. Dr. Zeidler is a renowned plastic surgeon in her field, and helped found a plastic surgery practice that was made to uphold the highest standards in medicine.  She welcomed the addition of dermatologist Dr. Hausauer, an innovator in her own right, as a way to expand the scope of Aesthetx to become a preeminent comprehensive cosmetic practice in the nation.

“You, Only Better” – it’s our guiding principle. Selected because we believe our plastic surgery and dermatology results should ultimately reflect how each patient feels about themselves; each patient should look in the mirror and see a more confident, bolder self. We believe that your treatments should go beyond standard techniques—at Aesthetx, it will be truly exceptional and unique to you.

Aesthetx Plastic Surgery Consultations

Because our plastic surgeons are so passionate about educating our patients, our personalized consultations are renowned for their educational value. We want to empower our patients to make the right choices, so Dr. Zeidler will take her time to inform you about every single one of your options, how the procedures work, and what to expect. Even throughout your recovery, the Aesthetx team will be deeply invested in your health and well-being; we’ll be here for you from the beginning to the end.

Our plastic surgeons also pride themselves on their meticulous planning: we take detailed measurements of your anatomy so that they can create the perfect results. It’s more than just ensuring predictability and efficiency of each technique, it’s an opportunity to truly personalize your procedures for you. Dr. Zeidler has dedicated herself to plastic surgery because of her passion for changing patients' lives; which is why she takes such great care to make sure the results are exactly what the patient needs.

Dermatology at Aesthetx

As part of this full body approach, Dr. Hausauer directs our aesthetic, medical, and surgical dermatology division. Her in-depth knowledge of minimally invasive cosmetic techniques allows you to step into the world with your best face forward.

The skin is a projection of your internal self – both a canvas and a shield. Thus, each patient’s goals are highly personal. Anti-aging and enhancing can take many forms. For some, prevention is key. Others seek to reshape existing features or combat existing wrinkles and replenish volume loss. We employ a head-to-toe approach to skin health with advanced techniques and products intended to achieve subtle, radiant results.

This ethos extends to Dr. Hausauer’s care when managing medical conditions, performing outpatient surgical procedures, or boosting appearance. It is a shared mission that unites our plastic surgery and dermatology divisions to create an integrated and holistic medical practice.

Aesthetx Technology

Our practice is situated in the heart of Silicon Valley, the mecca of technology and innovation; in the spirit of the community, Drs. Zeidler and Dr. Hausauer have practiced extreme selectivity in choosing only the most state-of-the-art, scientifically proven technologies to bring to Aesthetx. Every single piece of equipment, tool, materials, and machinery in our practice has been personally tested by us or has gone through extensive clinical research.

Our physicians are good authorities on which technologies are the very best and provide the safest and most predictable results; Dr. Zeidler has shaped the face of plastic surgery through her work with the latest medical technologies: AirXpanders, anatomic highly cohesive silicone gel breast implants (“gummy bear implants”) from Sientra and Allergan, tissue matrices from a variety of companies, Piezoelectric power tools for rhinoplasty, Hydrasolve and Puregraft for fat transfer and so much more. Dr. Hausauer is one of the leading authorities in the field of platelet-rich plasma (PRP, or plasmaX here at Aesthetx), a component of your own blood rich in tissue regenerating growth factors, and trained with world leaders in all areas of injectable and laser medicine.

Our Surgery Center

In keeping with our dedication to high-quality medical care, Aesthetx offers a fully-accredited private surgical suite for our patients: the Aesthetx Surgery Center. The Aesthetx Surgery Center is equipped with the latest plastic surgery medical devices and tools and built so that every detail allows for the exemplary safety, care, and comfort we value for our patients. Only one patient at a time will be in our surgery suite, allowing our plastic surgeons to provide privacy and undivided attention.

We are renowned for our extremely informative and in-depth consultations. To schedule your private consultation for any one of our procedures, contact Aesthetx by visiting HERE or calling (408) 559-7177.

Welcome to Aesthetx: You. Only Better.

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