Facial plastic surgery is one of the most complex and sophisticated set of procedures in cosmetic plastic surgery. Creating results that are perfectly balanced and natural while ensuring a safe and comfortable recovery takes an unbelievable amount of skill and experience. Thankfully, Dr. Zeidler is a master of facial plastic surgery, and she fully understands how complex, delicate, and sophisticated it can be. She takes no chances in terms of safety and outcomes, which is why she uses PRP with all of her facial plastic surgery procedures.

PRP is an innovative treatment from the field of regenerative medicine, a type of natural adhesive that ensures rapid healing and a lowered risk of complications. PRP is a serum taken from the patient’s own blood, containing the most essential biological components for healing and growth. By using PRP, Aesthetx can reduce swelling, bruising, and bleeding for our facial plastic surgery procedures.


A beautiful nose is one that’s balanced and harmonious with the rest of your facial features. A great rhinoplasty procedure requires a sophisticated, discerning eye like our surgeons’ to give you the perfect nose.

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Eyelid Surgery

For a brighter, refreshed look, try our eyelid rejuvenation procedures. With a simple lift, your eyes will never look puffy or sag again.

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It’s the pinnacle of anti-aging facial plastic surgery; with the ability to make you look younger by decades and with long-lasting results, the Facelift is the key to true rejuvenation. Aesthetx performs multiple techniques for the Facelift so that you can attain the perfect look.

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Facial Fat Grafting

Restore youthful fullness and plumpness to the face with Aesthetx’s facial fat grafting treatment. By using your own tissues, you can achieve natural, subtle results in one of our safest procedures. You can even refine your facial plastic surgery results with facial fat grafting.

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Brow Lift

Lift sagging eyebrows and a wrinkled forehead with the brow lift. Aesthetx performs the endoscopic brow lift, a state-of-the art technique that ensure maximum results and a minimal downtime and recovery period.

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Neck Lift

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Profound RF

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Chin Augmentation

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Ear Surgery (Otoplasty)

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