Enlarged labia minora are not an issue that’s widely talked about, but it affects the everyday lives of so many women around the world. Although some might consider the subject taboo, women should not be afraid to seek information and be educated about their options for cutting-edge treatments, like a labiaplasty.

Genetics, hormonal changes, or childbirth can cause the inner labia, also known as the labia minora, to enlarge in a way that makes women uncomfortable. It’s more than a problem with aesthetics or self-consciousness about their body, many women have significant discomfort from chafing and irritation when wearing regular clothes, during intercourse, or athletic activities like riding a bike. For so many women, enlarged labia might limit their everyday activities or prevent them from feeling confident in their own skin. Enlarged labia can prevent some women from normal hygiene and make it difficult to keep their labia clean. Labiaplasty is the first step for women to feel carefree and confident about their femininity.

Labiaplasty Topics

What Does Labiaplasty Do?

During your labiaplasty, Dr. Zeidler will trim excess labial tissue, while recreating the edges of the labia to give it a natural-looking color and shape. There are two techniques for labiaplasty, one is called a wedge technique that takes a small wedge of labia out – this preserves the coloring of the edge of the labia and Dr. Zeidler reserves this technique for certain anatomical variations. The other technique is called the trim technique, which gets rid of all the labia minora that extends beyond the labia majora. This technique gets rid of dark-colored edges of the labia, and in general it provides a very natural and comfortable size for many patients. Aesthetically, the trim technique is preferred by many of our patients. Some patients have redundant or excessive skin covering the clitoris and sometimes this is addressed with a clitoral hood reduction. For women who are also looking to rejuvenate the labia majora, this can be accomplished with a fat transfer procedure. With a fat transfer, liposuction is used to remove a small amount of fat from an unwanted area, the fat is carefully purified and reinjected strategically to restore a youthful fullness.

Labiaplasty is an outpatient procedure that can be performed under either local or general anesthesia, so the procedure can be as discreet as the patient wants. Your labiaplasty should result in a more comfortably-sized labia that’s symmetrical, and of normal thickness. A labiaplasty has a high satisfaction rate from patients, and many women report an improvement in sexual satisfaction after their procedure.

Candidate for Labiaplasty

The perfect candidate for a labiaplasty is someone who wants to shrink the size of their labia due to weight loss, hormonal changes, or genetics. It’s not advised to undergo labiaplasty while menstruating, or while someone’s pregnant.

Labiaplasty Recovery

We recommend that the patient limit rigorous activity for 2 weeks, after which, patients can typically return to normal work and exercise. We recommend holding off on sexual intercourse for at least 6 weeks to allow the labia to properly heal. In the end, you and Dr. Zeidler will discuss and work on developing your recovery plan.

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