5 Common Nose Shape Concerns Rhinoplasty Can Resolve

Noses come in all sizes and shapes. As your face’s most prominent feature, the ideal nose should bring balance and harmony to facial contours. However, if your nose is asymmetrical, too small or too large, or has other cosmetic issues, you may be self-conscious about it. people overlooking your beautiful eyes, clear skin, and  white teeth

Rhinoplasty is a surgical solution designed to address cosmetic nasal issues like size and asymmetry. Here are some of the aesthetic problems it can handle.

1. Nasal Bridge

The nose’s central structure is the bridge, which runs from the tip of the nose up to between your eyes. Unfortunately, it can impact your breathing, and if obstructed, can cause issues like snoring.

2. Nasal Tip

Nose cartilage contours the nose tip, which significantly impacts facial symmetry. It is the most common cosmetic concern people have when seeking a correction.

3. Nasal Openings

When the nostrils are flared, it can have a negative impact on your facial appearance. Not only does rhinoplasty influence our facial appearance, but it can also correct functional issues like obstructed nasal passages.

4. Septum

The inner wall dividing the nostrils is the septum. When this vital nasal part is irregular or deviated, it can cause breathing issues and cosmetic concerns.

5. Misshapen Nose

A critical role of rhinoplasty is to realign the nose from its tip to its base. Trauma, injury, or genetics may play a role in a crooked nose. The misshapen nose is undoubtedly an aesthetic issue and if left untreated, can cause breathing problems.

Rhinoplasty Results at Aesthetx

With his vast experience and international reputation, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Laurence Berkowitz helps his patients look their best with advanced rhinoplasty techniques and technology. In addition, he has an artistic eye that regularly creates facial beauty and balance, and it all starts with the nose.

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