Aesthetx Cares: Massive Medical Donation Goes to Ukraine

So many of us have been watching the situation in Ukraine unfold with a desire to help those in need but lacking connections to do so. Recently Aesthetx’s Ukrainian-born nurse Oleksandra (Sasha) Moseychuk was the connection needed for Aesthetx to do their part.

Sasha grew up in Ukraine and came to the United States after high school. Her mother-in-law happened to be visiting at the time the war started and has not been able to return home to her husband since. 

Sasha is involved with an organization called Hearts for Ukraine, which has come up with a dynamic supply chain that has seemed to crack the code on known Ukrainian shipping difficulties. The group’s founder Eugene Tarasov, who once lived in Ukraine, is a music festival organizer who has built a network of volunteers and coordinated an elaborate international delivery operation. Not only that, he has connected with more than 60 organizations on the ground in Ukraine who are keenly aware of the specific needs of the Ukrainian people.

So when Sasha approached Dr. Zeidler with a request to donate her entire paycheck in exchange for medical supplies to send back home, Dr. Z knew this was Aesthetx chance to do more. “I jumped at the opportunity,” she said. “We have this storage unit full of medical supplies (worth close to $20,000) that we had stocked after the COVID pandemic.”

Since the war began, thousands of Ukrainians have been wounded, at least 300 of those children, in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The major need right now is medical supplies. Aesthetx is a fully integrated plastic surgery, dermatology and aesthetic medicine practice with a state of the art surgical suite on site. A majority of the supplies are items to perform surgery, like IV fluids, mesh, sponges, coveralls, gloves and masks.

The shipment has arrived in Ukraine and is awaiting distribution by Ukraine’s Ministry of Health to hospitals, orphanages and shelters.


Our hearts break for the people of Ukraine and families like Sasha’s. This is the least we can do to assist with the urgent and immense need. We admire the hard work of this organization and the heroic undertaking. For more information on how you can help, please contact

For more information on Aesthetx visit their website or call (408) 559-7177.

Click on the images below to listen to Dr. Zeidler speak on the behalf of Aesthetx and their contributions to Ukraine.









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