Best Garments for Post-Breast Surgery

After taking the plunge and finally committing to breast surgery, it’s crucial to find clothes that will support your body as you heal and keep you feeling comfortable and confident – especially during the initial recovery phase.

Breast surgery requires incisions that can create discomfort during healing. The breast specialists at Aesthetx, Drs. Zeidler and Berkowitz, can address all aspects of your surgery with you.

At Aesthetx, your breast surgery options include, but are not limited to:


If you are a resident of Campbell, CA, and require intensive procedures like autologous reconstruction, you’ll receive care under the medical guidance at Good Samaritan Hospital and Dr. Zeidler’s team. Here, you’ll receive the best garments to support your comfort and healing during recovery.

What Breast Garments Should I Consider?

Following breast surgery, your most essential garment is a comfy and supportive bra that will assist your recovery. Your surgeon may tell you not to wear a bra at all for a few days after surgery, or they might recommend a specially designed surgical support bra intended to reduce the amount of swelling and shifting that can occur following surgery. Your doctor will likely provide a post-surgical bra to wear, so you won’t need to hunt one down yourself.

How Soon Can I Wear Normal Bras?

The specifications on returning to everyday bras will vary from patient to patient, as recovery time is specific to the individual. In general, most patients can return to their regular bras six weeks post-surgery.

What Tops and Bottoms Should I Wear?

While you are healing, you will want to limit arm movements to avoid creating additional soreness and strain in your chest. We suggest anything loose-fitting that buttons or zips up following surgery. Do not wear shirts that require you to reach up over your head to put on or take off.

Wear pants that are easy to put on and remove. Breast surgery does not impact your lower body, but the upper-body movement required to lean over when getting dressed or undressed can create breast soreness. Finding pants that you can kick off with minimal movement is the best choice.

How Long Should I Wear Garments Following Surgery?

The amount of time needed to wear recovery garments will vary between patients. Generally, you can gradually incorporate your regular clothing at the three-week mark. Pay attention to how you’re feeling and continue wearing garments if you’re still sore. If you are still experiencing pain six weeks after surgery, reach out to your doctor.

Achieve Your Best Results With Aesthetx

Contact Aesthetx at (408) 559-7177 to get started with your breast surgery consultation and discuss your individual needs. The recovery process takes time, but with the proper guidance provided by Aesthetx, you can get through the necessary healing period and begin enjoying the results you’ve been waiting for.

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