Arm Lift (Brachioplasty)

In a cruel twist of fate, many people who work hard to lose a large amount weight often find themselves left with flabby, sagging arms that hang down when the arms are outstretched. Also known as “bat wings,” these arms are not reflective of a person’s physical fitness, and they’re often associated with aging or the stigata of massive weight loss. Since the skin around the arms has lost so much elasticity, no amount of exercising can get rid of the loose skin, and in many cases further weight loss can even worsen it. An arm lift, also known as a brachioplasty, is a surgical procedure that can remove unsightly excess skin and tighten arms into a more toned, contoured form.

Brachioplasty Topics

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The Brachioplasty Procedure

Your arm lift procedure will vary depending on your condition and your aesthetic goals; for instance, the type of incision, the removal of excess skin or fat or both, and the placement of the incision will be customized completely for you; your incisions might be longer or shorter, or hidden on the inside of the arm, behind the arm, or placed the armpit.

The first step of the brachioplasty is making an incision. In a brachioplasty, sometimes the incision will go all the way from your arm pit to your elbow, but will be placed in an area that’s discreet. Extra skin will then be trimmed, while fat may also be removed usually through liposuction. In order to reshape the arms and tone them, the underlying tissue in the arms will also be tightened. Your brachioplasty will end with the surgeon closing your incisions.

Brachioplasty Recovery

Woman with toned arms looking at cameraAfter your brachioplasty, you will be given compression padding and a compression garment to wear for your recovery. This makes recovery more comfortable, limits swelling, and gives the arms a smooth contour. Myofascial release or deep tissue massage and ultrasound treatments after surgery can help smooth the arms and enhance the final results. Silicone scar therapy and laser treatments can help to minimize the scars. While patients typically return to work in a couple of weeks, recovery is different for everybody, and you and your surgeon will discuss this in detail. You should also be able to see the full results of your slimmer new arms in a few months.

Aesthetx will work with you to make your brachioplasty as beautiful as possible. Contact Aesthetx now, and you and your surgeon will create a plan on how to make sure that your brachioplasty meets your expectations.

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