Breast Reconstruction

While breast reconstruction is a much more complex and sophisticated procedure than aesthetic breast surgery, Dr. Zeidler strives to create exquisite results that are comparable to her cosmetic breast enhancement procedures. Thanks to her unique talents in the world of cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgery, Dr. Zeidler approaches and plans breast reconstruction for stunning outcomes. It’s above and beyond restoring function; it’s creating beautiful results that will make each patient feel great about their body image, and to feel not only whole but confidently feminine again.

Breast cancer is a serious and scary medical condition, and a lumpectomy or mastectomy can be very deforming to the body; the combination of both can often take a tremendous emotional toll on many patients. Since Dr. Zeidler understands the cancer treatments very well, she plans a careful stepwise approach for each patient to ensure both patient safety and the best results. Trust that Dr. Zeidler will be your partner towards restoring your breasts in a way that fits your ideal body image and your lifestyle. However many steps it might take you to get the perfect results, she will be there to guide you. Dr. Zeidler is not only a thought leader but also an innovator in the field of breast reconstruction, having personally led research to bring new technologies to this special group of patients. She utilizes both autologous reconstruction and implant reconstruction to achieve beautiful results.

Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day 2018

Breast Reconstruction Topics

Autologous Reconstruction

“Autologous” is a term for cells or tissue taken from the same person, which makes autologous reconstruction a method that uses a woman’s own tissue to recreate the breast. About 25% of women choose autologous reconstruction because mastectomies often remove considerable amounts of breast tissue. In order to rebuild the breast mound, one technique takes tissue from another part of the body and reshapes it in the form of the breast. Dr. Zeidler uses an incredibly sophisticated version of this technique called a DIEP flap, which removes a flap of skin and/or fat from the abdomen and then uses it to rebuild a new breast. It is named after the blood vessels that supply the fat in the lower abdomen – the deep inferior epigastric perforator flap. This method of breast reconstruction is remarkable because, like an organ transplant, it re-attaches the blood vessels from the flap to the blood vessels in the chest. Using a microscope and fine tools, the flap’s blood supply is skillfully sewn together to the new blood supply in a procedure known as microsurgery. This tissue is then shaped into a breast.

The DIEP flap is perfect for women who have excess abdominal fat and skin to give, and since the tissue behaves similarly to a breast, it can be a good match for one-sided breast reconstruction. It’s also a good alternative for women who want to avoid the complications that come with implants. In the case that further chemotherapy or radiation is needed, Dr. Zeidler will use a device called a tissue expander as a placeholder for the new breast and perform the DIEP flap after the chemotherapy and radiation have been completed. This ensures that patients get the needed cancer treatment before undergoing the large DIEP flap operation and its lengthy recovery.


The DIEP flap is a major procedure that requires a stay in the hospital for a few days. However, you can rest assured that you will be in great hands with Dr. Zeidler and her expert team at Good Samaritan Hospital.

Fellowship-trained Microsurgeon

Dr. Zeidler is fully trained in microsurgery, a sophisticated type of surgery where doctors perform delicate procedures on very small blood vessels using an operating microscope. She also happens to be one of the very few women surgeons in the Bay Area that is formally trained in microsurgical breast reconstruction.

Implant Reconstruction

One of the most common forms of breast reconstruction, implant reconstruction, restores breast volume and shape using breast implants commonly used for breast augmentation. About 75 % of women choose this option. Breast reconstruction with implants is usually done in two steps; the first step involves ensuring the breast has enough skin coverage and blood supply to accept an implant after a mastectomy. To help relieve any tension and trauma that an implant might have on the skin, a temporary implant known as a tissue expander is inserted to gradually create space; this tissue expander has a valve that allows it to be filled with saline after it’s been implanted. After the breast has healed, a needle is used to fill the tissue expander with saline solution, gradually filling it in separate intervals on a weekly basis until the desired size is reached. In the second step, the expander is replaced with a breast implant carefully chosen by you and Dr. Zeidler.

New Technology

Aesthetx is passionate about adopting medically-proven, state-of-the-art technology to increase patient safety and improve outcomes; Dr. Zeidler’s breast reconstruction with implants is aided by new biotechnology called an acellular dermal matrix, which is a type of biological scaffold that can support the implants and create a stronger structure for long-lasting results. The implant will be placed either under or over the muscle, with the acellular dermal matrix providing support.

Dr. Zeidler has had a hand in influencing the latest medical technology: She participated in the clinical trial for AirXpanders and, while working as the lead investigator in their national trial, was instrumental in bringing this technology to FDA approval. Recently, she held the distinction of being the first surgeon to implant a patient with this device once it gained FDA approval.

Fat Transfer

Almost every patient undergoing breast reconstruction with Aesthetx fine tunes their results using the fat transfer. A fat transfer is a procedure that harvests fat from places with extra fat to give using a gentle form of liposuction and reinjects that fat into the breasts to create volume. Most breasts after a mastectomy are missing considerable amounts of tissue, and the addition of fat can create smoother, more natural results for breast reconstruction; in addition, it also offers unparalleled levels of safety because it uses the patient’s own tissue. For those who love the soft, natural look that fat transfers impart, a breast reconstruction using entirely fat transfers can be done.

Lumpectomy Dents

A lumpectomy will remove cancerous tissue without removing the breast tissue completely, thus saving a large amount of breast tissue. However, this often leaves dents in the breast, and the fibrotic effects of radiation can create asymmetry by making a breast seem smaller and more lifted. Dr. Zeidler offers fat transfer to smooth out the dents and breast reduction or breast lift to restore symmetry.

Nipple Reconstruction

While most women are candidates for having their nipples preserved during breast cancer surgery, certain women might need nipple reconstruction. Aesthetx offers nipple reconstruction through surgery or another technique that creates a life-like recreation of the areola through a 3-D tattoo. For women with one nipple spared, nipple reconstruction can be done by using part of the preserved nipple as a graft.

Delayed Reconstruction

Every single one of the advanced techniques you’ve read so far can be performed for women who have had past mastectomies. For women who have damaged tissue from a past mastectomy that want reconstruction, or for those who are not candidates for the DIEP flap, an operation called a latissimus flap is the perfect alternative. A latissimus flap is taken from the back and consists of skin, muscle, and fat. However, instead of severing the blood vessels, they’re left attached, and the flap is transferred from the back underneath the skin into the chest for breast reconstruction. A latissimus flap breast reconstruction is then combined with an implant for fuller, voluminous results.

Revision Reconstruction

Dr. Zeidler is an expert in the complex field of revision cosmetic breast procedures and revision breast reconstruction procedures. For those who survived both breast cancer and inadequate results from a prior reconstructive procedure, Dr. Zeidler can offer a chance for them to get the beautiful outcomes they deserve.

Aesthetx is renowned for extremely informative and in-depth consultations. To schedule your private consultation for breast reconstruction or to learn more about the procedures, contact Aesthetx by visiting HERE or calling (408) 559-7177.

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