Dr. Hausauer and Dr. Zeidler Spoke to Haute Beauty about Combining Plastic Surgery with Dermatology

Both plastic surgery and dermatology can help men and women look and feel their best, which is why the experts at Aesthetx decided to blend these two fields when opening their practice. Among many other benefits, patients have the advantage of a truly comprehensive approach when it comes to enhancing their appearance.

Dr. Hausauer and Dr. Zeidler recently sat down with Haute Beauty to shed light on this topic and explain how this dual approach has allowed patients to discover their best look.  

A Comprehensive Approach Provides Superior Results

As Dr. Hausauer explained, aging occurs on many different levels, including bone resorption, loss of fat and muscle, and breakdown of collagen and elastin. As a result, there isn’t a single procedure that can effectively treat all of these issues at once. That’s where a dual approach can help: by combining several procedures – such as facelift surgery with microneedling, patients can achieve full rejuvenation that addresses all of their needs.

This approach also leads to more natural-looking results. Dr. Hausauer explained that, “In our practice, Drs. Zeidler and Berkowitz do a lot of fat grafting, which we’ve seen improves skin in its own right. The combination of that plus laser isn’t just additive. It’s exponential. Our patients have been stunned at how much more luminous they look without being overdone or over pulled.”

Combined Procedures are Perfect for Busy Lifestyles

Many patients who come to Aesthetx are seeking solutions that fit with their busy lifestyles. This a common struggle for people: they want to look their best, but they can’t take much time off due to the demands of modern life. By combining several different dermatological and plastic surgery procedures, you can maximize your time and get back to your regular schedule with a refreshed new look.

As Dr. Zeidler explained to readers, “Many of the patients at Aesthetx are high-level executives and/or busy professionals who have limited amounts of time away from work and other commitments…So, this is a great time to do a laser procedure where you want to avoid sun exposure and may have raw or sensitive skin. Not only does the combination improve results, but it also takes advantage of that time set aside to recoup and heal.”

The Future of Dermatology and Plastic Surgery

The field of aesthetic medicine makes advancements every day, giving patients access to effective treatments that are less invasive than traditional procedures. Aesthetx remains at the forefront of these developments, and they run a number of clinical trials to “allow for collaboration and application to multiple different medical specialties, multiple body areas, and multiple conditions. Because of our diverse backgrounds and experiences, each of us sees different potential in the same opportunity and makes for exciting movements forward.”

Some examples of these developments are minimally invasive devices that improve upon existing surgical techniques to make them office-appropriate, and pre-operative treatments that minimize scarring. Dr. Zeidler explained that another emerging advancement is “the use of digital technology in aesthetics care. We see opportunity for tech, not just in the traditional sense like imaging and treatment devices, but as a way of enhancing patient communication and providing a personalized and integrative experience.”

The team at Aesthetx is proud to lead the way toward improving aesthetic medicine. Learn more about their cutting-edge treatments by scheduling a personal consultation in San Jose, CA. Contact their office to get started.

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