Dermatology Can Help Change Lives

Meet Marlon

Remember that girl in high school? The one that was too pretty to talk to let alone look at? The one with flawless skin and perfect everything. There’s always at least one in every school. The rest of us – yes, us – know all too well the physical, mental, and emotional toll that comes with acne. Whether it was a flare up right before prom or on picture day at school, it’s a distinctly unhappy memory that we carry with us.

Unfortunately, some adults still suffer the lasting wounds associated with those memories by way of scars. Meet Marlon for example. Marlon is a 26-year-old student at San Jose State University, set to graduate this spring with a degree in marketing. He is on the cusp of a new beginning in more ways than one.

In June, Marlon landed an internship with PRxDigital, a local PR and marketing firm. That’s where we first met him. He had a keen interest and a trained eye on all things skin care. It didn’t take long to notice his talent and then we learned more about his story.

Marlon was born to teenage parents and entered the foster care system by the young age of 7. Growing up, he bounced around from home to home, struggling to find his way until he aged out of the system at age 18. He had faced food insecurity, homelessness, and struggled to come to terms with his sexuality while being raised in a Christian faith-based foster home. Add in severe acne as a middle schooler, and it’s no wonder that his self-esteem suffered the impact of it all.

Here at Aesthetx, we are in the business of changing that. And we saw in Marlon a diamond in the rough, that deserved a little polishing. He has had a downright tough go in life. We want to help him feel as beautiful on the outside as he is on the inside – to boost him as he begins this new chapter in his life.

By combining dermatology and plastic surgery, we are able to create a highly customized plan to ensure the best results. This starts with a unique combination of oral and topical supplements and prescription-strength medications and creams to control active acne flare ups. At the same time, we start a series of pore cleaning and refining DiamondGLOW treatments. Once all active acne is under control, we use customized laser resurfacing with surgical intervention to reduce the scars. Big scars will be excised with tiny skin punches to create smoother contours. Medium scars will be resurfaced with a deep ablative laser known as profractional and smaller scars will be treated with a milder resurfacing laser known as halo. The laser treatments will likely be repeated 2-3 times for the best results. He will be on a customized skin care regimen from Alastin to help his healing process be rapid. After this, we will go back to monthly Diamond glow to maintain clean, healthy skin. We will be sure to keep him on a custom lifelong skin care regimen to maintain the amazing results.

Marlon is on his third DiamondGLOW treatment and will receive customized laser therapy in the coming weeks.

He would like others to know that there is help out there and they need not suffer. Aesthetx can craft a plan tailored to your skin and your lifestyle. Don’t hesitate to contact us for an appointment today.

Please stay tuned to read more about Marlon’s story and follow the links below to read about his treatments.

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