Dr. Zeidler’s Guest Appearance on The Doctors National TV Show

Aesthetx is proud to announce that one of our esteemed surgeons, Dr. Zeidler, was featured in an exciting new episode of The Doctors!  You might already be a fan of the show, but for those of you who’ve only caught a promo here and there, The Doctors is an Emmy-nominated talk show hosted by four renowned physicians that explores the world of health and medicine. With help from Dr. Zeidler, the show’s latest episode featured one of Dr. Zeidler’s breast reconstruction patients’ use of AeroForm, an innovative tissue expander system. As the first surgeon to conduct the AirXpander Aeroform procedure following FDA clearance, Dr. Zeidler is able to provide some valuable insight regarding this new technique.

What Is AeroForm?

Dr. Zeidler is known for her work in breast reconstruction, but many people don’t know that Dr. Zeidler’s family is affected by the BRCA gene mutation, so she understands how difficult this experience can be. Part of the first step in breast reconstruction is tissue expansion, where women insert a placeholder implant into their breasts to create space for the impending new implant. These placeholders are called tissue expanders and have to be gradually expanded, and that requires multiple visits to the doctor’s offices where the implants are injected with saline a little at a time. A second operation is done a few months later to exchange the tissue expanders for permanent implants. With AeroForm, the unique, needle-free device created by AirXpanders, the entire expanding mechanism can be done wirelessly in the comfort of the patient’s home. With a simple push of a button, women can control how much and when the expander grows larger. By enabling women to control their expansion, AeroForm allows women to avoid inconvenient trips to the doctor’s office and needles altogether.

Dr. Zeidler, Our Resident Reconstruction Expert

As a thought leader in the world of breast surgery, Dr. Zeidler has influenced some of the most innovative devices in the industry. Dr. Zeidler herself was the very first surgeon to perform surgery with AeroForm after it was FDA-cleared; she is the surgeon that’s performed the most surgeries with this device; and was a clinical investigator for AirXpander’s trials in the U.S. She’s also known for her breakthrough techniques in the field of breast reconstruction surgery and her ability to masterfully combine cosmetic enhancement techniques with sophisticated breast reconstruction procedures.

How AeroForm Changes Lives

The Doctors is committed to educating viewers on the latest news and events in health and medicine, and Dr. Zeidler is proud that they’re spreading the word on a device that could very well change a woman’s life. In this episode, The Doctors follow the story of Adrienne, one of Dr. Zeidler’s patients and one of the very first people to use AeroForm. As someone who’s worked closely with AeroForm, Dr. Zeidler has seen stories like Adrienne’s many times. Dr. Zeidler is proud to have contributed to a device that gives the power of choice and comfort to women. A survivor’s journey is never easy, but with AeroForm, women are that much closer to restoring their femininity and sense of identity.


Aesthetx is proud to be led by two world renowned surgeons like Dr. Berkowitz and Dr. Zeidler. For a chance to work with masters in the field of plastic surgery, contact Aesthetx to schedule a consultation.

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