Facial Fat Grafting

Thanks to recent advancements in plastic surgery technology, facial fat transfer has arrived as a wonderful method of facial rejuvenation. As we age, our faces become gaunt as we lose fat under our skin and our skin itself starts to loosen and fold, creating wrinkles and lines. By restoring volume to the face, facial fat transfer can eliminate hollow eyes, temples, and cheekbones, even smoothing out lines by lips or the deep creases between the nose and the corners of the mouth. With facial fat transfer, you can finally have long-lasting, natural facial rejuvenation.

Facial Fat Transfer Topics

History of Facial Fat Transfer

Before the popularity of liposuction in the 1980s, fat transplantation was mostly relegated to reconstructive efforts. One of the first recorded instances of a fat transplantation was in 1893 when Franz Neuber used a small piece of fat from the upper arm to reconstruct a patient who had a huge pit in his cheek. Then in 1896, P. Silex reported using fat to smooth out depressed scars around the eyes. It wasn’t until 1908 when German Surgeon Eugene Hollander first described using a needle and syringe to transplant fatty tissue into the face, at one point proposing a combination of human and ram fat to prevent the fat’s reabsorption into the body. By the 1980s, more and more techniques for facial fat transfer being developed, but they were primitive and the results were subpar. By the late 80s, many surgeons started to denounce facial fat transfer because of a lack of good results.

By 1990, Dr. Sydney Coleman started to publish papers that stressed higher standards for fat extraction, handling, processing, and injection, and more and more surgeons began to see the benefits of facial fat transfer as a form of cosmetic treatments. Thanks to further advancements in technique, fat grafting to the face has been used as a safe technique for facial rejuvenation, facial scarring, and lip augmentation.

The Science of Facial Fat Transfer

Facial fat transfer is more than an addition to your face—it can truly rejuvenate it from the cellular level. Facial fat transfer is just another way to approach facial rejuvenation from a new dimension; by using your own tissue, facial fat transfer can provide volume that can be seamlessly integrated into your own body. It’s your own tissue; it will look, feel, and move in a way that’s as natural as possible. It can also eventually receive its own blood supply, which is essential for creating a natural drainage system for the skin. Signs of aging like spider veins develop as a result of a “backup” in the vasculature, and by adding fat and an eventual growth in blood supply, there’s less of a risk of spider vein development. What’s even more remarkable is that these fat grafts contain regenerative cells that can rejuvenate and repair skin cells, so fat grafts have the ability to create healthy, youthful, glowing skin from the inside out.

Facial Fat Transfer Technique

The first step to any fat transfer is extraction. First, the fat will be extracted using an advanced system called HydraSolve. Hydrasolve is one of the most optimal devices for facial fat transfer: Hydrasolve uses a high-pressure water jet system to liquefy the fat so that it can be smoothly extracted from the body without disturbing blood vessels or other tissue. With Hydrasolve, the fat extracted is as free from impurities as possible, and smooth and fluid enough to be injected into a fine, delicate area like the face.

The next step is processing through the PureGraft system. With the lipodialysis system of PureGraft, Dr. Zeidler can isolate grafts that have the perfect conditions for fat transfer: cleaner and more concentrated to create predictable results. The final step is injecting the fat into “micro droplets” into the tissue—the perfect size for the grafts to receive the proper and healthy amount of blood supply. The grafts will be injected deep into your tissue to ensure proper, balanced coverage: over the bone, into muscle, under the muscle layer, and between the skin and muscle. Each step of Aesthetx’s facial fat transfer has been designed to give you the healthiest, long-lasting, and most natural results.

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