We want all our patients to have access to our high-quality procedures; that’s why we offer multiple options for plastic surgery financing. Affordable plastic surgery financing is more than giving someone a chance to better themselves, it’s an opportunity for our patients to choose the right practice without worrying about cost or convenience. We believe that financing plastic surgery should be fast and easy, because we want to make your journey to aesthetic improvement to be as smooth as possible.

Aesthetx accepts all standard credit cards and offers financing for your cosmetic surgery and non-surgical needs. Our staff will guide you through the simple process of applying for financing, and can also assist patients in setting up full or partial financing.

Contact us today to find out more about our financing options or click the links below.

CareCredit Payment Plans

CareCredit® works like a regular credit card but is exclusively for healthcare and beauty treatments. It’s incredibly easy to apply, and they don’t have up-front costs or prepayment penalties. CareCredit also offers special financing and shorter-term payment plans, ranging from six-, 12-, 18- and 24-month options.


With PatientFi, you can get what you want today, and pay for it overtime with a monthly-plan. There are no hidden fees and 0% APR financing. Find out if you qualify today by clicking on the banner below:

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