How to Sleep After a Tummy Tuck and Lipo

A critical phase for any successful surgery is its recovery when patients must allow their body the rest and sleep necessary to heal. All surgical procedures involve incisions, which is a controlled wound to give your surgeon access to the area which needs correction. It is during sleep that your body will heal at its maximum level, so proper sleep must be a priority. A tummy tuck is extensive surgery which affects the abdomen and can make sleep during recovery a challenge. Here are some helpful hints to help you get the proper rest you need during recovery and ensure your body heals for optimal results.

Sleep on Your Back, But …

Because abdominoplasty is surgery on your tummy, you will probably need to alter your sleep position, so you won’t put pressure on the incisions and possibly open the wounds. Although sleeping on your back may be the best sleep position after surgery, lying flat on your back can pull at your stitches. It’s best to sleep at an incline with your head and knees elevated. Many tummy tuck patients choose to sleep in a recliner during recovery, which perfectly situates their body in a safe position.

If a recliner is not possible or comfortable, U-Shaped body and neck pillows will give you the foundation to sleep correctly in your bed. With the body-sized pillows, you can elevate your head then further raise it with the neck pillows. A regular pillow or two can be positions under your knees to give you the bend you need in this area to relieve unwanted pressure on your belly.


Because liposuction is a standard procedure done simultaneously with a tummy tuck, the small incisions we perform for the cannula will need consideration as well. However, the precautions you take for your tummy tuck should protect these openings too.

Compression Garments

When you wake from your surgery, you will be wearing a compression garment. This surgical garment will support your abdomen and the sutures that are holding it together. Make sure you wear it at all times, including when you sleep.

Pain Medication

With a tummy tuck, you will have some level of discomfort. Staying ahead of the pain will be necessary to get the proper sleep. When you wake up in our recovery room, you will still be under the influence of the anesthetic, but you should take a pain pill when you get home. For the first few days, take your meds as prescribed until the discomfort becomes more manageable. This practice will help you get the proper sleep you need throughout the day.

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