International Teachings

Aesthetx doctors are internationally recognized for their expertise in plastic surgery, dermatology, and aesthetic medicine. This month, we’re highlighting their most recent international conferences where they have taught their techniques to their peers that come from all over the world. Dr. Zeidler was a key member of the international faculty for Beauty Through Science meeting in Stockholm this year sharing her breast surgery expertise, as well as the multispecialty Cosmetic Boot Camp in Aspen where she shared the secrets of what makes Aesthetx so special. Dr. Berkowitz delivered his keynote lecture in San Diego at the annual meeting of the Rhinoplasty Society, which was an incredible honor for him as the 26th president of this international society. Dr. Hausauer toured Paris and London, attending two prestigious conferences where she was able to provide hands-on teaching and moderated sessions on filler, botulinum toxin, regenerative medicine and platelet therapies.

Dr. Zeidler

In April, Dr. Zeidler spoke at the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery meeting in San Diego, the world’s largest convening on plastic surgery. Surgeons from all over the world came to hear her presentation and results with clinical research on Alastin’s groundbreaking Restore and Repair topical treatment. The split body study will be published later this year and the results are so good that this product now forms the foundation of the perioperative care package at Aesthetx.

Dr. Zeidler also presented at the international Beauty Through Science meeting in Stockholm again this year. She has been part of the breast surgery faculty for three years now and she loved being part of this highly esteemed group. She spoke specifically on treating the difficult problem of making breasts look great after implant removal using fat transfer and support matrix. These are techniques that Dr. Z has developed over time and she was happy to share with surgeons around the world. She learned from her peers and was honored to participate in some heated discussions on how to approach unique perspectives in aesthetics, and what risks each patient is willing to take in order to achieve them.

Dr. Zeidler loved presenting at the multispecialty Cosmetic Boot Camp in Aspen later in June. This meeting brought together dermatologists, ophthalmologists, and plastic surgeons to approach aesthetics with the newest techniques and technologies. Dr. Z performed a live demonstration of the newest cellulite treatment Avéli™, which reduces the appearance of cellulite for smoother, dimple-free skin on the buttocks and thighs.

Finally, Dr. Z spoke extensively on the business of aesthetics, where the future is influenced by our team. A vision of beauty that is unique, tailored, diverse, and isn’t confined to traditional standards. She had the opportunity to share the “secret sauce” of why Aesthetx’s fully integrated practice has not only been so successful, but why it is both fun and how it provides patients with comprehensive, highly tailored ways to meet all their aesthetic goals from the inside out and back again!

Dr. Berkowitz

Dr. Berkowitz has been no stranger to the international stage over his long and storied career. From Paris to Uruguay, Lima and back, he has shared his knowledge and experience in rhinoplasty, facial rejuvenation procedures, and breast surgery.

His most recent international experience, however, was this past Spring in San Diego where he presided over the 26th annual meeting of the Rhinoplasty Society. His Presidential address was attended by plastic surgeons from around the world. He spoke to them about how he ties his approach to the nose to less with the thinking of an artist  but more with the careful planning of an architect. He also delved into the philosophy of not just how he does rhinoplasty, but the rationale for why it is such an important procedure. This past year as President of that organization he also hosted many webinars on various topics about rhinoplasty which was attended by surgeons from around the globe.

Dr. Berkowitz knows the importance of giving back to the community of surgeons who helped him hone his craft. There is no other procedure that compares in difficulty or impact on a patient’s well-being than rhinoplasty.

Dr. Hausauer

Dr. Hausauer first flew to Paris to speak at the IMCAS (International Congress of Aging Medicine) Annual World Congress held at the Palais de Congrès near the Arc de triomphe. It is one of, if not the, largest conference covering high level science and major innovations in the fields of dermatology, plastic surgery & aging science. Approximately 12,000 attendees this year and 700 speakers from every continent around the globe. Dr. Hausauer started off the first morning speaking on a current project analyzing 20 years of FDA data for botulinum toxin type A (ie BOTOX®, Dysport, Xeomin®, Jeuveau, dax botulinum toxin) and how these apply or do not apply to the changing patient populations she sees in practice. There are lots of room for increased diversity of all types and how providers can better design customized treatment plans based on the most rigorous science that exists. The following day, Dr. H spoke on filler complications and how to avoid and treat. This is always a favorite topic because she specializes in full facial harmonizing and feels there are so many ways providers can ensure safety and natural results.

Next, Dr. Hausauer traveled to London where she spoke at the SEASON Aesthetic Conference. This is a newer innovative meeting that strives to promote the most science-based practices in all cosmetic fields by bringing together speakers from all over the world as well as select industry and media representatives. The first day was in the anatomy lab at King’s College where providers had cadaver dissections while injectors showed proper technique for full face treatment and were able to coach other clinicians. The following 2 days, Dr. H shared the stage with plastic surgeons, dermatologists, oculoplastic surgeons, PhDs, CEOs on a wide range of topics. Dr. H was the chair of the global aesthetic alliance which each year produces a publication from the meeting’s overall themes in order to promote efficacy and safety in the aesthetic field. Dr. H was also the moderator and speaker for sessions on filler, botulinum toxin, regenerative medicine, and platelet therapies like PRP, and skin care. They had several fireside chats with companies that have new products in development unlike any that are on the market, such as a filler that dissolves with saline or blood, which have less risks, or artificial intelligence technology to map each individual patient’s face allowing tailored treatment planning.

Both were a fantastic way for Dr. Hausauer to catch up with colleagues from around the world and to share her unique techniques and perspectives on this rapidly changing field. Dr. H also had time for a few sightseeing moments, such as some of the most beautiful impressionist paintings of the human form and Westminster Abbey with its soaring ceilings that reminded her of bone structure of the face and how each buttress and beam supports another structure, allowing for the most beautiful adornment to sit atop.


International meetings keep our doctors at Aesthetx perspectives broad and expose them to new ideas that they bring back to the San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley. Dr. Kamakshi R. Zeidler, Dr. Laurence Berkowitz, and Dr. Amelia K. Hausauer collaborate to integrate the new ideas learned from abroad in a comprehensive way, maintaining their practice’s reputation with the most innovative and specialized methods for achieving beautiful results. This collaboration and drive is what makes Aesthetx so unique.

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