Is It OK to Wear a Bra While I Sleep?

Some women like to sleep in the nude, others prefer going to bed in sweats, while many prefer to slumber in a nightgown or pajamas. But what about sleeping in a bra? There’s a lot of misinformation around wearing a bra at night can cause your breasts to sag, stunt breast growth, or even cause breast cancer. Here’s what we think:

At Aesthetx, Dr. Zeidler and her experienced physicians and providers do not see anything wrong with wearing a bra to bed if that’s what works for you. For example, if you have larger breasts, going braless – even overnight – might cause you discomfort. If your breasts are tender due to hormonal changes, some doctors recommend wearing a bra around the clock for additional support that could alleviate your soreness.

Busting the Myths About Sleeping in Bras

There are all sorts of rumors, positive and negative, about wearing a bra while sleeping. However,  there’s no scientific truth to support them. For example, sleeping in a bra will not make your breasts perkier or prevent them from sagging. Furthermore, it will not cause breast cancer or restrict breast growth.

If you choose to wear a bra to bed, choose carefully. Our advice is to select a lightweight bra with no underwire. Also, beware of choosing a bra that’s too tight or digs into your skin, as this could cause discomfort and cause you to wake up multiple times per night. When shopping, look for a bra specifically sold as a “sleep” or “leisure” bra. Bralettes are also a popular choice since they tend to be more comfortable and provide light support. Also, make sure you take your time trying on bras before purchasing them to ensure they do not pinch, pull, or dig in anywhere.

Bras After Aesthetic Breast Surgery

After breast surgery, we advise patients not to wear an underwire bra for at least six weeks. When women wear an underwire bra immediately after surgery, it interferes with the breast implants’ settling and may cause them to look and feel less natural.

At Aesthetx we provide a special post-operative bra that is designed to fit you and is customized to the type of operation you are having.  We have compression bras with implant stabilizing straps for you if you undergo breast augmentation, we have shaping and compression bras for breast lifts and reductions, we have soft expandable bras for fat transfer to allow the tissue to engraft properly.

Questions About Your Breasts?

If you have more queries about your breast comfort or appearance, Aesthetx is here to help. Our highly trained and skilled plastic surgeons including Dr. Zeidler and Dr. Berkowitz offers Silicon Valley the best breast surgery experience with state-of-the-art technologies and advanced surgical techniques. So, whether you need a breast lift, breast augmentation, breast reduction, or breast revision, call us today for a consultation so we can help you with your goals.

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