Maximizing Recovery Time and Results by Combining Plastic Surgery Procedures

Many of our patients who want more than one cosmetic procedure will consider combining plastic surgeries and having them done at the same time. After all, combining surgeries is an excellent option to achieve your desired results, while being cost-effective and maximizing your recovery time. 

Aesthetx often combines procedures into packages. The Mommy Makeover, for example, is a popular suite of procedures that can combine the tummy tuck with a breast augmentation or lift.

Commonly combined surgeries

Some types of plastic surgeries lend themselves to combined procedures. For instance, it is very common to combine a breast augmentation surgery with a breast lift, so the breast can be re-shaped, re-sized, and lifted all at once.   As long as the blood supply is preserved, combining these procedures does not extensively lengthen the recovery process or unnecessarily tax the body’s natural healing abilities. Similarly, facelift surgery is frequently combined with a necklift procedure.  In addition, liposuction around the hips or buttocks is often performed with an abdominoplasty.  

What determines whether procedures should be combined in a single surgery?

There are several factors that the Aesthetx team takes into consideration when developing our patient’s surgical plan and determining whether to perform multiple procedures at once to ensure a smooth surgery and recovery.

Plastic surgeries can vary widely in terms of how long they take to perform. From minutes to hours, some procedures are more involved than others and require more time to complete.  The Aesthetx surgeons will consider how long you will need to be under anesthesia when determining whether to do multiple surgeries, in addition to ensuring that the blood supply to the affected area is robust enough to support healing.   As your body must go through natural processes to heal and rebuild healthy tissue, it is important not to overly tax your body’s ability to recover by performing multiple surgeries that have extensive recovery requirements. 

Whether you choose a breast enhancement combined with abdominoplasty or a facelift with a necklift, the Aesthetx surgeons will help you carefully consider what procedures will achieve the best possible results while maximizing downtime.


You can have a safe and effective surgery that combines multiple cosmetic procedures near San Jose, CA.  Work with our highly-skilled and extensively-experienced plastic surgeons to develop the best surgical plan for you. Aesthetx is known for extremely informative and in-depth consultations. To ask your questions about combining procedures or get a consultation, contact Aesthetx by visiting HERE or calling (408) 559-7177.

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