Miami Conference – Aesthetic Meeting

Our team recently had the pleasure of attending The Aesthetic Meeting in Miami, FL! The conference, which is one of the most prestigious events in aesthetic medicine, brought together top professionals from around the world to share their expertise, experience, and cutting-edge techniques in the field.

Our team was represented by Dr. Z, Dr. B, and a few of our providers, Elaina, Gigi, and Kristin. The conference covered a broad range of topics, including cosmetic surgery, injectables, skincare, laser treatments, and much more. Our very own, Dr. Berkowitz and Dr. Zeidler had the honor of taking the stage to share their expertise in their respective fields.

“ASAPS is one of my favorite meetings of the year. This year I had the honor and pleasure of presenting some pivotal research on cosmetic interest trends amongst different groups of patients. There are interesting takeaways from this research showing that millennial patients may be more interested in body contouring procedures than previously thought a lbs that men tend to care more and more about the effects of aging around the eyes. This research is helpful to drive where the best aesthetic companies focus their new technologies. I also got to present the results of our split body study along with my friend and Colleague Dr. Casas, showing the the amazing Alastin Restore and Repair Complex as well as the Body Transform products are game changers in enhancing the results of surgical and nonsurgical procedures [can you link to product pages]. In between all the presentations, I enjoyed catching up with colleagues like the CEO and founder of Lumisque, Lana Kerr, maker of my all time favorite CO2 Lift Pro mask that I do every single week! I loved sitting down with New Beauty editor, Tatiana Bido to give her the inside scoop on the latest technology. The new breast implant company Motiva by Establishment Labs is coming to market in the US soon, and I was lucky to have breakfast with it’s CEO and good friend of mine, Juan Jose Chacon as well as legacy breast implant executive and long time friend Hani Zeini. These two friends and I have big plans for shaking up t breast aesthetics over the coming years. Most of all, I enjoyed catching up with our team and hearing about all the amazing things they learned. Can’t wait for next year!” Dr. Zeidler shares.

The Rhinoplasty annual meeting is always the highlight of my education each year.  I am surrounded by many of the world’s greatest rhinoplasty surgeons where we present and dissect new concepts to make this challenging operation a more stable, long lasting, and natural looking procedure. That evening the board of directors were able to join each other for a lovely dinner and catch up on each other’s lives and stories. What a remarkable group of people!  Following the annual meeting, our members present a great symposium on new techniques in rhinoplasty for other plastic surgeons who do this procedure, but are not members of the Rhinoplasty Society.  We bring them up to date every year for a 5-hour morning session followed by a four-hour cadaver course. Here we literally dissect out these refined techniques to help ensure thorough surgeon education and patient safety when they return home to their own operating rooms. It is our mission as members of the Rhinoplasty Society to further education for the most challenging of all aesthetic procedures!”, Dr. Berkowitz shares.

Dr. Berkowitz at the Rhinoplasty Symposium speaking about the use of Piezo (ultrasonic rhinoplasty).

Elaina, one of our Aesthetic Nurse Specialists, shares her experience, “The Aesthetic Meeting in Miami was so invigorating with fresh new techniques, as well as tried and true staples, topped off with safety for all being key. One message throughout many of the sessions was how to stimulate collagen to keep our overall appearance youthful. There are topical products, injectables, and physical treatments and techniques that all attribute to boosting our skin quality to look and feel its healthiest that I am excited to share with all our patients at Aesthetx.

Our Aesthetic Providers: Elaina, Gigi, and Kristin at The Aesthetic Meeting 2023.

“The Aesthetic Meeting was a well-rounded experience in all thing’s aesthetics! I truly appreciate this meeting due to the advantage of having such widespread topics covered. It is especially fulfilling to receive insight on innovative and advanced techniques to be able to offer our amazing patients.” Gigi, our Physician Assistant, tells us.

Kristin, one of our Licensed Estheticians, shares: “This was my first time at The Aesthetic Meeting and my first time in Miami! I took home so many pearls of wisdom, but I was most inspired listening to doctors from around the country speak on what makes skincare work for you, your patients, and your practice. 

I loved learning about the importance of having an Integrated Aesthetic Practice vs Transactional. At Aesthetx we believe in the significance of creating a plan of care for each of our patients and the foundation to that plan often starts with skincare regimen building. As one of our medical estheticians, I take pride in being a brand ambassador, and much of that is due to the importance of treatment integration and skincare our brilliant team of doctors have instilled in us.

I left The Aesthetic Meeting feeling energized, motivated, and reminded of why I have so much passion for skincare and aesthetic medicine. Immersing in the Miami culture with our wonderful PA, Gigi, and lovely RN, Elaina, along with the laughter and bonding we shared was the cherry on top!

As Kristin mentioned, our providers had a blast experiencing the Miami culture together…

Overall, our team’s attendance at The Aesthetic Meeting was a valuable experience that has left us all feeling inspired and motivated to improve our practice. We look forward to implementing what we learned and continuing to provide the best possible care to our patients.

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