Natural Ways to Get Better Breasts for 2020

For decades women have been looking for different ways to enhance their breasts. Whether it’s push up bras or implants, a beautiful bust line is critical to that feminine figure most women want to maintain. For many, breast augmentation with implants is an excellent option to increase size and firmness. For those who desire better breasts for 2020 without implants, there are alternatives that can give you the breasts you’re after.

A breast lift (mastopexy) and fat transfer can enhance breast volume and position, giving women the breasts they want this year without help from a cosmetic device.

Breast Lift

Mastopexy is a surgical procedure that is useful to elevate breast tissue while eliminating excess skin and firm up underlying muscles. This procedure improves those drooping breasts that emerge from significant weight loss, pregnancy, or hormonal changes that come with age. If your nipples hang below your natural breast crease, you could likely benefit from a breast lift, especially if you have moderate to large breasts. Moving the breast tissue during Mastopexy can result in increased volume at the top of the breast while decreasing volume at the bottom of the breast, giving an overall more rounded and perky appearance.

Fat Transfer

This procedure is a favorite among our patients because it kills two birds with one stone. Fat transfer removes excess fat from one area (donor site) and transfers it to the breast area to add volume. The results look and feel completely natural, because the tissue that increases the size and improves contour is from the patient’s own body. Once the transferred fat cells establish themselves in the breast area, they permanently improve volume and shape.

If you have “problem areas” or bulges in your abdomen or thighs, taking excess fat from this area through liposuction to add to the breast will give you beautiful results in multiple parts.

Combining the Two

To add volume and increase elevation while eliminating sagging skin from the breasts, we can combine fat transfer with a breast lift to enhance the volume, shape, and positioning of your breasts without needing implants. Although many women find satisfaction with what implants can do for their body outline, more and more women are turning to a mastopexy with fat transfer to rejuvenate their breast shape and location.

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