MicroGLO and MicroPRO

Want to Shrink Your Pores?

Achieve an Unimaginable Glow with Aesthetx microGLO and microPRO

Figure 1

Aesthetx’ microGLO and microPRO skin treatments deliver BOTOX® and therapeutics to the skin’s surface. With microGLO and microPROthe BOTOX® paralyzes the small muscle in the base of the pore, making the pore smaller and preventing the pore from making secretions, clearing the skin. In each treatment, the BOTOX® and other therapeutics are delivered via a specialized micro-injector device called AQUAGOLD. Each micro-channel is made of surgical-grade stainless steel plated with 24 karat gold. These tiny channels are the secret to achieving glasslike smooth and clear skin.

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*Figure 1 is a close up of the highly specialized micro channel injection system.

What Is Aesthetx microGLO and microPRO?

Aesthetx microGLO and microPRO are highly precise treatments that use a mix of therapeutics to deliver several benefits. These advantages include shrinking large pores, brightening dull skin, reducing acne breakouts, and enhancing the effects of laser treatments.

During the administration of Aesthetx microGLO and microPRO, our team uses a safe, effective combination of vitamin serums, growth factors, and BOTOX®. When injected into your skin, these therapeutics can work wonders for alleviating your concerns. These revolutionary qualities make Aesthetx microGLO and microPRO one of the most sought-after procedures to shrink pores in San Jose, California.

  • Painless treatment
  • No downtime
  • Quick, easy and simple!
  • Shrinks pores
  • Brightens and smoothes skin
  • Enhances laser treatments with micro-serums containing growth factors

More about AQUAGOLD

AQUAGOLD® fine touch™ is the first of its kind, patented microchannel microinjector. It is designed to painlessly and effectively deliver microdoses of therapeutics into the skin.

AQUAGOLD is a patented cutting-edge micro-injector device. Each micro-channel is made of surgical grade stainless steel plated with 24 karat gold and is 130 μm in diameter, which is smaller than a human hair.

Pure gold has high bio-compatibility with human skin, preventing irritation and allergic responses after use. Impurities and other metals may result in unnecessary irritation.

The AQUAGOLD® fine touch has the proven ability to deliver micro-doses of a drug or biologic just under the dermis at a consistent depth. The small size of the channels means that the treatment is virtually painless.

Are You a Good Candidate for Using AQUAGOLD?

Since the AQUAGOLD micro-injector comes with the benefit of reduced side effects, such as painless delivery of injectables, quick treatment, and no downtime, it stands out as a treatment that works for even those with sensitive skin.

If you want to shrink large pores, reduce acne scars, and brighten your skin, AQUAGOLD and Aesthetx microGLO and microPRO can be an ideal treatment combination for you. To determine whether the approach can work in your specific case, schedule a personalized consultation.

Figure 2

*Figure 2 above shows microchannels that appear smaller than a human hair.

Figure 3

*Figure 3 above shows the AQUAGOLD® device with Patented Microchannel Technology™ on top & a chamber that gets filled with customized therapeutics below.

Learn More About Effective Procedures to Shrink Pores With Aesthetx in San Jose, CA

Though Aesthetx microGLO and microPRO and its use of AQUAGOLD micro-injector is a straightforward combination, you may still have a few questions before deciding to move forward with the procedure. At Aesthetx, our team will take steps to understand your concerns and answer all the inquiries you may have regarding the procedure.

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