Out of Town Patients

We offer special services for patients who travel to our practice located in Silicon Valley. If you’re taking the time to meet with Dr. Zeidler, that means you take your results seriously. Our patients understand that cosmetic procedures should never be treated lightly, and that they should prioritize talented, caring surgeons rather than convenience. We appreciate our patients who travel to Aesthetx to ensure their outcomes are the best they can possibly be, which is why we help our out of town patients on every step of the way. Our world-renowned surgeons have worked with patients from all over the country, and we want your journey to our practice to go as smoothly as possible.

Whether you’re flying in to a face-to-face consultation or calling us for a phone consultation, we’re more than happy to make sure you are informed about our process during your first steps towards rejuvenation.

Aesthetx can also help assist you with hotel arrangements. We have negotiated for reduced rates at these hotels for your convenience:

Hotel Los Gatos

Address: 210 E. Main Street, Lost Gatos
Telephone: (866) 335-1700

Bristol Hotel

Address: 3341 South Bascom Avenue, Campbell
Telephone: (408) 559-3330

To make a reservation, call your chosen hotel and ask for the “Aesthetx rate for Dr. Zeidler.”


More than anything, we want our patients to be safe and sound—even once they walk out our doors. At Aesthetx, we follow our patients’ recovery closely. We often require our patients to have a trusted friend or family member escort them home and care for them for the first day of their recovery. If needed, we have arrangements for our out of town patients to be cared for by a registered nurse post-surgery.

Airport Transportation

Traveling for cosmetic enhancement can be tricky and stressful, but we want to make it easy for our patients. For your comfort and convenience, we have negotiated with several car rental services in the area to give you reduced rates. We can also arrange transportation to and from the San Francisco (SFO) or San Jose (SJC) airports for you.

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