Plastic Surgery Options for Younger-Looking Skin

There are multiple plastic surgeries on the rise to effectively use as anti-aging treatments for the skin. With advanced techniques, Aesthetx in Campbell, CA, transforms sunken, wrinkled skin into a plump, youthful complexion. Here are our most popular surgical procedures we offer to restore radiant, beautiful skin for a rejuvenated appearance.


As we age, many of us develop under eye bags or droopy upper eyelids. Eyelid surgery is the most popular procedure to resolve these cosmetic concerns. Blepharoplasty can eliminate excess skin from the eyelids (upper, lower, or both) to tighten and smooth.

The outpatient procedure is simple, only takes a few hours, and requires one to two weeks for recovery. Most of our patients notice the full benefits within six months to a year.


Facial aging happens to the point where skin sags and fat pads begin to shift under the skin. These issues lead to a loss of volume and tone. To address this cosmetic concern, the surgeons at Aesthetx resolve facial aging from every angle. This multi-dimensional approach will deliver a balanced, proportional, and natural result.

Options for a customized facelift include our mid-facelift, lower facelift, and the short scar technique for quicker recovery and minimal trauma.

Brow Lift

To fight gravity that causes our skin to alter our facial skin’s smooth contours, a brow lift helps eliminate forehead wrinkles and a furrowed brow. It rejuvenates the upper face by lifting a sagging forehead, drooping eyebrows, and reducing frown lines between the brows.

Aesthetx’s state-of-the-art endoscopic eyebrow lift creates breathtaking results with minimal surgical risk. It is a cosmetic surgery often combined with other facial treatments for optimal results.

Neck Lift

To achieve that smooth, long, elegant neck to perfectly outline your facial beauty, our surgeons offer the neck lift. This area is one of the first to show aging signs where fine lines begin to form and skin texture becomes uneven.

Aesthetx offers the neck lift for our patients who want to eliminate the infamous double chin and turkey neck.

Facial Fat Grafting

This fantastic method of facial rejuvenation helps revive a gaunt facial appearance as we lose facial volume and the skin begins to fold and loosen. A facial fat graft can eliminate hollow cheekbones, temples, and eyes by restoring this lost volume. It also resolves vertical lip lines and those deep creases between the mouth and nose. Aesthetx is an international leader in fat grafting with their expertise in using Pure Graft, a filtration technology to filter up to 97% of contaminants and improve long-term results.

Why Aesthetx?

Not only does Aesthetx have two exceptional board-certified plastic surgeons with Drs. Kamakshi Zeidler and Laurence Berkowitz for facial rejuvenation, but we are also proud to offer our patients the services of a board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Amelia Hausauser, to provide nonsurgical skin care and health. Together, they offer a fully integrated plastic surgery & dermatology practice in the Silicon Valley, ensuring the best of skincare and surgical techniques for the best results.

To learn more about our practice and cosmetic treatments, contact Aesthetx in San Jose at (408) 559-7177.

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