Say Goodbye to That Double Chin With Kybella®!

Nothing frames our facial beauty better than a sleek, slender neck. Unfortunately, submental fat often creeps in as we get older, causing a double chin. You might look older or heavier than you’d like. Kybella® is a non-surgical treatment designed to eliminate this unsightly consequence of age. This treatment allows you to say goodbye to a double chin and enjoy a beautiful, elegant neck.

What Is Kybella®?

Kybella® is the first and only FDA-approved injectable designed to reduce the appearance of a double chin. It employs deoxycholic acid, a molecule found naturally in your digestive system, to permanently destroy unwanted fat cells for a leaner, younger neck appearance. It explicitly treats the neck and chin area. 

What Should I Expect From Kybella®?’

After you get Kybella® injected under your chin, the active ingredient destroys the submental fat cells. The body eliminates these dead cells over time. Once the unsightly fat is gone, it is gone for good.

Providers administer Kybella® using a tiny needle. You may need several injections during each session. Patients with a less prominent double chin might need fewer injections. More severe cases may need multiple sessions.

The most common side effects of Kybella® injections are bruising and swelling in the injection site. The swelling might initially make your double chin appear more pronounced, but rest assured it’s a sign of the treatment beginning to work. You can apply ice packs to resolve any post-treatment swelling and use a topical cream to reduce any discomfort. 

Am I a Candidate for Kybella®?

Non-surgical Kybella® is an excellent option for patients with submental fullness. During your consultation, the team at Aesthetx will discuss your goals and review your medical history to determine if Kybella® is safe for you. If you have specific allergies or skin problems, you may want to consider alternative treatments.

We recommend you maintain a healthy lifestyle, including diet and exercise. But some stubborn fat doesn’t respond to traditional approaches to weight loss. That’s why Aesthetx is happy to offer Kybella® treatments, helping boost your self-confidence and allowing you to say goodbye to that double chin.

What Benefits Will I Enjoy?

Many patients begin noticing results after the first treatment. You’ll likely need more than one session to achieve your desired results. It takes time for Kybella® to destroy the fat cells and for the body to remove them. Most start seeing dramatic improvement after the third session.

Many men and women with a double chin are self-conscious about it, trying to hide this flaw with turtlenecks or scarves. Kybella® helps you look your best and improve your confidence without surgery or downtime.


Ready to Schedule Your Kybella® Consultation?

Aesthetx offers informative and in-depth consultations to help you choose your best enhancement plan. To schedule a consultation for Kybella® or any of our other procedures we specialize in, contact Aesthetx in the greater San Jose area at (408) 559-7177.

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