Surgical Dermatology

Skin Cancer and Melanoma

1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer during their lifetime, though most are detected early and highly curable. Basal cell cancer (BCC) –usually a pearly bump—is by far the most common with 4 million cases diagnosed per year, while squamous cell cancer (SCC)—a red, rough patch that often bleeds or ulcerates—is second with 1 million annually.

In contrast, melanoma accounts for less than 1% of all skin cancers, but the majority of deaths.  If caught early when limited to the skin, a small, usually in-office surgical procedure cures most.  New, sophisticated medical therapies have changed the prognosis for those with later stage melanoma, the most hopeful and best outcomes in history.  Melanoma can develop from an existing mole or from a brand new spot; please ask our team if you have a new, evolving, or irregularly colored or shaped area of concern.

Ultraviolet radiation not only from the sun but also tanning beds is strongly linked to the development of skin cancer, as explained in Dr. Hausauer’s previous publications.  Because of this fact, California along with many other states prohibit those under 18 years of age from using indoor tanning devices without a prescription.  Importantly, these beds use ultraviolet type A, which contribute to the breakdown of skin collagen (wrinkles and folds), development of sun spots, but only a produce a short-lived tan.  Translation: damaged skin for only a few days of bronze with the constant need to spend money re-tanning.  Moreover, those who use tanning beds more than 10 times have a 34% higher risk of melanoma compared to never users, especially if under the age of 35 years when the risk may go up to as high as 75%.

Thought we do not offer mohs micrographic surgery, a specialized technique for treatment of BCC and SCC, Dr. Hausauer is skilled surgeon who has performed many skin cancer excisions and repairs.  She has a firm knowledge of skin cancer management and keen eye for aesthetics. When necessary, let the full Aesthetx team, uniting dermatology and plastic surgery, direct your care.

Benign Skin Lesions

There are many an unwanted lumps, bumps, or marks: fatty deposits (lipomas), cysts or enlarged pores, skin tags, split earlobes holes from heavy jewelry, the list goes on.  At Aesthetx, nothing is too small or too large for our world leading team of dermatologic and plastic surgeons. Together, they will design the best treatment plan to address all your concerns.

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