Lift Your Way Through Fall

It’s unfortunate but true: You can work out on a daily basis, watch every single calorie you put into your body, and still have stubborn pockets of fat that just won’t budge. Fair? No. Reality? Yes.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t workout.  The first step to feeling good about yourself is finding a good work out regime that you can stick to.  One place that comes to mind is .  This unique studio promotes living a healthy lifestyle and a tight knit community of supportive people who will help you stay motivated. From long days to busy schedules, it can be hard to find even an hour to dedicate to yourself and personal needs.  However, no matter how you choose to do so, moving your body is important. Therefore, LIFT offers a variety of opportunities to appease all needs! From cycle to high intensity heated interval training courses to 60-minute barre classes, you’ll sweat, and you’ll sweat good! And there’s no time like now, the fall season, to sweat!

If you’ve been curious about LIFT, and want to try out a sample class, now is the perfect time! You can participate in the Sweatember event, taking place on Thursday, September 21st. When you sign up, not only will get to take the cycling class, but you’ll also be given a free hat and raffle tickets for a chance to win a variety of prizes. Snacks and beverages will also be available.

The best part about Sweatember is the fact that you’ll get to sweat, while also helping out a great cause: Cancer CAREpoint. All proceeds from the event will benefit the patients of Cancer CAREpoint, meaning you can better your own life, AND someone else’s life too.

Yet, as stated above, it’s not always easy to lose weight just by dieting and working out. Sometimes, we need assistance in the form of cosmetic surgery – and that’s perfectly okay!

If you are considering a cosmetic procedure, either surgical or non-surgical, weight-related or not, it’s important to be as close as possible to your optimal weight.

But why?

First, it’s necessary to be as healthy as possible prior to and during your cosmetic procedure. Considering the other side of the equation, if you have been losing weight thanks to extra gym time or by consuming more vegetables than carbs, are you satisfied with the results? Unfortunately, it’s common to lose an excessive amount of weight, but be left with a sagging stomach, stretch marks, or drooping skin. If this is you, consider body contouring. Body contouring can remove excess fat, sagging skin, and improve the shape of your figure, leaving your feeling smoother and more sculpted.

To schedule a consultation at Aesthetx to discuss your body contouring options, call (408) 559-7177 today.


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