The 3 Breast Augmentation Surgical Techniques that Reduce Capsular Contraction Risk

Even when working with surgeons of the highest skill level and training, getting a breast augmentation means signing on for some slight risk of complications arising during or after surgery. From patient to patient, the body’s response to the insertion of a foreign object like an implant can be very different. 


During the healing process, the body creates a “capsule” around the implant. Usually, the development of this capsule (or thin layer of scar tissue)), is a healthy and important part of recovery that keeps your implant in place. But, if the capsule grows abnormally thick and hard, it can begin to contract around your implants, causing what’s known as capsular contracture. Research has found that around one in six breast implant patients will experience some degree of this condition, though often symptoms go unnoticed. When capsular contracture is severe, it can be painful and can distort the shape of the breast making it look higher and tighter.


Today, we have many techniques at our disposal to lower your risks. 


Below, we’ll go into detail about three surgical techniques we utilize at Aesthetx to lower your risk.


Three Techniques That Reduce Your Risk


As mentioned above, the first step to reducing your risk is medical screening. When you first come into Aesthetx for your initial consultation, you’ll be fully screened for health conditions that can increase the likelihood of complications. From there, we’ll do everything in our power to provide you the highest standards of safety and care. 


1. Picking the Correct Implant Type and Size


Choosing the proper implant type and size to fit your anatomy is another considerable step towards lowering the risk of capsular contracture. We’ll determine what’s best for your health and desired aesthetic outcomes during your consultation. If you’re hoping to achieve a considerable size increase from naturally low volume breasts, we’ll likely recommend taking your enhancement in stages. 


As for type, research agrees that textured surface gel implants can reduce the likelihood of contracture. Surgeons believe this is because the textured surface is more difficult for the body to form thick scar tissue around.


2. As Little Implant Handling as Possible


By minimizing the amount your implants are handled, your surgeon reduces the risk of any bacterial contamination. At Aesthetx, you’ll be working with some of the top board-certified aesthetic surgeons in the country. Our rigorous training and continued education ensure we’re up to date on cutting edge safety practices. 


3. Subpectoral Placement


Using subpectoral, or “under the muscle” placement is another method that reduces your risk. In fact, this placement is associated with an incredibly low four to eight percent lifetime risk of capsular contracture. Even if you do choose over the muscle placement, though, you’ll only face a relatively low risk of 12-18 percent.


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